4 Reasons Why You Should Start Shaving With Straight Razors

For hundreds of years, there is a characteristic aspect of men. We are referring to facial hair, specifically the beard. This physical element of masculine gender has been the object of different symbolisms throughout the years. Growing a beard may be viewed by some as synonymous with poor hygiene.

In this sense, there is a market both for those who grow their beards and for others who simply choose to keep their faces free of it, for aesthetic, work or any other reason. That is why many of the men decide to go to a barbershop where they can be treated. On the other hand, there are those who prefer to carry out this task on their own on a daily basis in the tranquility of their home. For either of them, there are two fundamental elements that they must have: a good razor and shaving foam.

Despite the commercialization of disposable razors, many decide to opt for a straight razor, a personal hygiene product that is considerably old in world culture and that has multiple advantages and benefits for its users. It should be noted that not all razors are the same and not all have the same quality, and that is why we must follow some parameters to buy one that suits us best. Otherwise, there is a possibility that we may be victims of a lousy product that not only makes us lose money but can also hurt the consumer’s skin. A bad shave will cause irritation to skin infections.

Today we will speak about the reasons why you should start using it and also about a technique which is somewhat different from disposable razors.

How to choose the ideal straight razor?

It is important to select a product that is light, that makes a clean cut and that its design adapts comfortably to the user’s hand for better use of it. The consumer must ensure that it is made of stainless metal. This aspect is elementary since it will guarantee a long duration of it. We cannot miss the following recommendation: we are talking about a thing that is extremely sharp and that must be used with caution, and thus avoid some type of injury when handling it while shaving.

Returning to the initial idea, it is necessary that the blade of the knife has a curve or semi-curve. This will ensure maximum use of the edge of it. In the same way, as we mentioned previously, the type of blade handle must also be taken into account when deciding on a specific model. This must be attached easily and comfortably to our hand to ensure a good grip of the product.

And finally, it is recommended that the neck be relatively elongated. This feature will allow greater precision in the cut.

But you also need good foam, which is not the topic of our article, so if you don’t know which one to use, visit probeardtrimmer.com and read a review about best shaving foams and creams.

Reasons why you should start shaving with straight razors

1. Good for skin

It is great for the skin because it also removes dead cells from the face. Also, it is a much cleaner way and for that reason you will avoid ingrown hair. If the razor is of good quality, it will always be sharp and you will know that you will get the best performance. That way you will have a cleaner shave.

2. Save money

While you won’t notice that at first because you will have to pay a larger amount when you buy, you will still save in the long run. Once you buy it, if it is of good quality and if you maintain it, it will probably last you a lifetime. This way you will save money every year.

3. Good for the environment

In addition to the many benefits that this way of shaving has for your face and beard, we also need to think about our planet. Billions of disposable razors are consumed every year and in this way, the planet is polluted with millions of tons of garbage. If everyone switched to straight razors, the planet would be very grateful to us.

4. Learn a new skill

It is not only good for our face but also for our brain. You will have to learn how to do it and in that way, you will learn a new skill. It is simply impossible to be successful at first, so it will become a hobby for you to practice until you become a master. And in the next part of the text, we will give you basic guidelines on how to do it.

Steps to shaving with a razor


In the past, it was the only method to shave. Nowadays people usually use disposable blades, but the truth is that with the straight razor it is much better.

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