8 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

With Paldean forms, paradox Pokemon and picnics, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have brought a spectrum of changes to the classic Pokemon formula. For both new and old players, there’s a lot to miss if you haven’t been keeping up with the latest info. Even the controls and menus have been switched up and mixed around.

If a pair of Pokemon on your team are the same egg type, you will have the chance to find a Pokemon egg inside your picnic basket each time you set up the table. And if those chances are too slim for you, you can boost this chance by eating certain sandwiches or store-bought treats.

6/8 Custom Profile Photos

When you’re in a Tera Raid Battle or playing co-op, your teammates will see your profile picture, so why not make it something special? In the map menu, you can press X and visit the profile menu.

Here, you can change your card photo and your player icon by taking a new photo of something nearby. Your photo isn’t limited to a selfie; in fact you can use anything you find. If you want to set a photo of your favourite Pokemon, you’ll need one to stand nearby to model for you.

5/8 Mystery Gift

Seasoned players will know the excitement of Mystery Gifts well, but new players might not be so familiar. If you press R in the menu screen, you’ll see the news tab, and it may say that a new mystery gift is available.

If you’re looking to collect this limited luxury, you’ll have to select the Poke Portal section of your menu, set up your internet connection and choose the internet Mystery Gift. A Mystery Gift can be anything from a few cute clothes to a shiny legendary Pokemon, so it pays to keep an eye out.

4/8 Change Nickname

If you like to personalise your Pokemon's names, or for people who skip through the post-catch text boxes, you’ll be glad to know that changing a Pokemon's nickname is now easier than ever.

Instead of visiting the Name Rater who will change names for you, now nicknames can be changed on the fly. All you need to do is open the party menu or your Pokemon storage, visit the Pokemon's summary page and then press X to start renaming. Just know that you’ll not be allowed to call Pokemon anything rude.

3/8 Pokedex Rewards

Unlike previous games, Scarlet and Violet allows you to choose which goal you’d like to follow and then gives free rein to do so. Be that rise to the rank of Pokemon Champion, thwart Team Star, battle boss Pokemon or complete the Pokedex.

But if you decided to fill out your Pokedex, you might have wondered where the rewards are. Tucked away inside the Pokedex menu, you can press X to collect your accrued rewards. From this you’ll earn rare evolution materials, Exp candies and if you report to your homeroom teacher, Jacq, you may earn the coveted Shiny Charm.

2/8 Look-Out Towers

Placed among the vast wildernesses are tall fieldstone towers for you to climb and enjoy the local sights. But that’s not all — these towers also provide two other valuable uses. The first is that they can be used as fast travel points, making these distant areas easily accessible.

The second is that each tower spawns a chest-form Gimmighoul, who can be caught and drops anywhere from 30 to a jackpot of 777 Gimmighoul coins. 999 coins are used to evolve a Gimmighoul, and these towers are the best way of collecting them.

1/8 Academy Classes

If you ran straight out of the academy to catch Pokemon and start your adventure, you might not know about the school’s classes. Yes, instead of exploring Paldea, you can spend your time behind a desk and studying for your midterms, but it's not as bad as all that.

The rewards you can earn by taking part in the classes can range from EXP candy to TMs, and the tests can be a fun change of pace, so it’s worth stopping back at school when you need a break from your jet-setting lifestyle.

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