8 Weirdest Pokemon Moves

Pokemon can learn many different moves. As you level them up, they may naturally learn new moves to use in battle. Alternatively, you can also teach them new moves. Overall, there are hundreds of moves available, with some being a bit stranger than others.

Here, we are going to take a peek at some of the weirder Pokemon moves out there. This includes moves that are strange, as well as moves that don't really make sense. Some of these moves included may be quite strong, but that doesn't make them any less bizarre.

8 Lick

  • Move Type: Ghost
  • Category: Physical

Lick is just as strange as it sounds. Basically, the Pokemon using this move will use a giant tongue to lick the opponent. This move deals physical damage with 100 percent accuracy.

For obvious reasons, this move is weird. The idea of a Pokemon licking another to deal damage is strange. Since this is a ghost-type move, we can assume that the tongue in question is a giant ghostly tongue. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make the situation any less weird.

7 Metronome

  • Move Type: Normal
  • Category: Status

Metronome is a simple move; the Pokemon using this move wiggles a giant finger and then chooses one random attack from the entire game. This isn’t too weird, but the name of the move is a bit misleading.

Metronomes are used to keep rhythm in music. When a musician uses a metronome, they can follow along to make sure the music they are playing isn’t too slow or too fast. For some reason though, this meaning is forgotten, and the Metronome move has nothing to do with rhythm.

6 Dragon Darts

  • Move Type: Dragon
  • Category: Physical

Dragon Darts is the signature move of Dragapult. This Generation VIII dragon-type Pokemon will shoot darts from its head at the opponent, dealing damage.

These aren’t just ordinary darts though; Dragapult fires two Dreepy when using this move. Dreepy is the baby version of Dragapult. This tiny Pokemon is somehow a weapon used by Dragapult, used to damage enemies. The idea of firing a baby version of yourself from your head is definitely weird.

5 Teatime

  • Move Type: Normal
  • Category: Status

Teatime is another signature move for a generation VIII Pokemon. This move is specific to Polteageist, a Pokemon that is essentially a haunted teapot. The name of the move is cute, and the effects are fitting.

When Polteageist uses Teatime, all Pokemon on the field who are holding a berry will eat it. Overall, this move isn’t that impressive. It’s possible to play the game without giving your Pokemon berries to hold, which makes this move unhelpful for your own team. On the chance that your opponent is holding a berry, this move may cause them to heal a condition or gain a small amount of HP.

4 Surf

  • Move Type: Water
  • Category: Special

Surf is another move that sounds quite simple. The Pokemon who uses this move will cause a giant wave to splash down on the opponent, dealing damage. Outside of battle, you can use surf to travel across large bodies of water.

This move is weird if you think about it for more than a minute. Sending a giant attacking wave isn’t weird, but the idea of a Pokemon surfing can be strange. It’s hard to imagine Pokemon such as Munchlax or Swirlix catching a giant wave. Although it’s not literal, it’s still fun to picture Pokemon riding a surfboard.

3 Chatter

  • Move Type: Flying
  • Category: Special

Chatter is the signature move of Chatot. With this move, Chatot can inflict damage as well as confuse the opponent. The description of this move states that Chatot uses words it’s learned to create a damaging sound wave.

With this information in mind, Chatot basically starts talking, which sends the other Pokemon into confusion. This is a weird situation to imagine, earning Chatter a spot on our list. Additionally, this leaves us wondering what words Chatot says during this attack.

2 Helping Hand

  • Move Type: Normal
  • Category: Status

Next, we have Helping Hand. Rather than doing any damage, this move will boost the power of an ally’s attack. The move can be helpful, but at times, it can be useless. For example, if you have participated in Raid Battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you’ve come across countless Eevee’s using this move to no avail.

The animation for this move is strange as well. When used, a giant pair of white hands will appear above their head, doing a short little clap. We want to know whose hands these are. Pokemon that don't really have hands can use this move, such as Pyukumuku and Bounsweet.

1 Acid Armor

  • Move Type: Poison
  • Category: Status

Lastly, we have Acid Armor. This is a non-damaging move that has a weird description; the user’s body liquifies to sharply boost it’s defense. In more recent Pokemon games, the description also says that this move alters the cellular structure of a Pokemon.

This is weird. The ability to liquify your body to somehow boost defense is strange, and doesn’t really make sense. Additionally, Pokemon like Shelmet can learn this move. Looking at Shelmet, you wouldn’t suspect this small (and hard) Pokemon to be able to liquify it’s entire body.

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