A Marvel Snap Player Has Already Reached The Maximum Amount Of Points In A Match

A Marvel Snap player seems to have struck a theoretical maximum power level for a single location during a match, and it's revealed some very interesting mathematics happening in the game's engine.

This actually happened way back in June during Marvel Snap's beta period. Twitch and YouTube streamer Bynx (with thanks to Kotaku) struck this maximum value while playing around with Leader, one of Marvel Snap's more powerful cards.

Leader is a 6 energy card with power 4 and the ability to "copy all cards your opponent played this turn, but on your side." Doing more of what your opponent does is obviously very stong, which is only mitigated by Leader's high energy cost. However, there are plenty of ways to get Leader out early, which can make it very hard for your opponent to keep up.

In the video, Bynx shows how Leader can both win games and lead to some wild outcomes. In the third and final game, Bynx plays Leader on the location Kamar-Taj, which has the text: "on reveal, effects happen twice at this location." This meant that Leader's ability triggered twice when Bynx's opponent played Onslaught, giving Bynx two Onslaughts in the neighboring location.

That neighboring location was Onslaught's Citadel, which just like Onslaught himself, doubles the ongoing effects at that location. Then Bynx played Iron Man, which doubles his power at that location. So now there are essentially four doubling effects happening at one location where Bynx has 12 power. You'd assume that math would work out to be 2^4 multiplied by 12, which is 192–a very large number for Marvel Snap and more than enough to win that location. But there's more to Marvel Snap's "double ongoing effects" than it appears because the final number that the game spat out was 2,147,483,647.

Clearly, there are more exponents being applied here than just the four I can see. Bynx explains in the video description that 2,147,483,647 "is the eighth Mersenne prime and a common limit in video games. It is a record that can only be tied, never broken."

It’s possible that Marvel Snap has put a limit to how many times something can double that’s lower than two billion in the months since this video was posted, so try playing with Leader against an opponent with Onslaughts to find out. Marvel Snap is available now on PC and mobile.

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