A Plague Tale: Requiem – 8 Best Characters In the Game

Brimming with dread, magic, and a lot of ferocious rodents, A Plague Tale: Requiem sees the de Rune children once again fighting for their lives and struggling to contain a terrifying blood curse known as the Macula.

When you're not downing soldiers with your slingshot or brewing up some Ignifier to light a path through the photophobic hordes of rats, there are glimmers of hope. Amicia and Hugo find themselves accompanied by some welcome friendly faces at times – as well as hounded by others that wish harm upon them.

8/8 Magister Vaudin

Shrewd, grouchy, and not all that nice of a person, Vaudin isn't on this list for winning any popularity contests. That being said, he is one of the most important characters, being that Amicia and Lucas must hunt him down and enlist his help when Hugo takes a turn for the worse following the traumatic events of the game's opening sequences. Whilst Magister Vaudin is not everyone's cup of tea, he deserves the respect afforded to him by his education and stature.

He is killed off before we can find out if his experiments on the Macula could have worked eventually, but his particularly bitey end is one that many have taken satisfaction in.

7/8 Hugo de Rune

Hugo's doe eyes and soft sniffles are, to say the least, divisive. Some find him pitiable and tragic, their heartstrings tugged by his seemingly endless plight of being hunted down for the magical properties of his blood, whilst others find Hugo's sniveling a touch unbearable.

Whichever side of the tracks you stand on, Hugo is vital to the story as the host of the Macula and the primary catalyst of every major storyline in Requiem. Without Hugo, Amicia wouldn't have a cause to fight for. It's her love for her baby brother that keeps her motivated, so we can really thank this sickly child for the games in general.

6/8 Tonin

At its core, the Plague Tale series is about shattered dreams and suspended childhood. Children in these games don't get the carefree upbringing that they deserve, and Tonin is the edification of that. Playing with Amicia and Hugo in the opening section of the game, you might think that he was just a regular kid out exploring the rocky terrain of medieval France, but you'd be sorely mistaken.

Tonin sits at the unfortunate crux of the action in these early stages, as Amicia lashes out to protect him from the bullies who prowl the stronghold's grounds. This results in Amicia taking another life, despite her adamance never to do so again, and it is the trauma of this event that causes Hugo's Macula infection to grip him once more. Although he only features briefly, Tonin mirrors Hugo and Amicia. All three fight to scrape together some semblance of their childhood whilst knowing deep down that they won't be able to have one.

5/8 Béatrice De Rune

A true fighter in both body and soul, Béatrice de Rune is Amicia and Hugo's mother and their resident on-call alchemist. After losing her husband during the events of A Plague Tale: Innocence, Béatrice only stepped up her efforts to protect her children and help them find a cure for the Macula.

She's not solely important to her own kids, however, and has become both a teacher and surrogate parent to her alchemy apprentice Lucas and functions as the group's calm yet fierce centre.

4/8 Lucas

Another returning face from the first game, Lucas has been the de Rune siblings' companion, guide, and trainee alchemist since they found him with his original mentor, Laurentius. Lucas can be rather neurotic as he scurries after Amicia, babbling something about how dangerous it is to be doing what they're doing, but oddly enough, his worries seem to soothe Amicia's own.

They function as a solid duo whilst out completing missions together; Lucas's encyclopedic knowledge of the alchemical arts allows you to craft items that outsmart or disarm your foes, and without him Amicia would be stuck with nothing but her sling to defend herself. Lucas really is the MVP, so be sure to be extra nice to him.

3/8 Sophia

A sly, sharp-tongued smuggler sailing the seas as a pirate, Arnaud introduces her to the de Rune children along the course of the game. Although she's not the first of Amicia and Hugo's companions, she is definitely one of the most memorable.

Not only is Sophia an all-around cool person who isn't afraid to verbally take arrogant men down a few pegs, but her character adds a whole new dimension to your gameplay. Whilst accompanying Amicia, Sophia can use her Prism tool to refract nearby firelight and bend it into a protective pathway, thereby clearing a way for you to wade through the rats.

2/8 Amicia

Through fire and blood, rats and death, Amicia has conquered demons both inside and out in order to save Hugo and protect her family. A bright girl with a sharp eye for archery, it's a wonder no one has tried to make Amicia go to the dark side with those shrewd skills.

Thankfully though, Amicia is able to temper her passionate rage by focusing on taking close care of her little brother Hugo and their close friend, Lucas. After all, it's only because of them that she is able to channel her strengths so well in the first place; her ferocity in battle is only challenged by the ferocity of her love for her family.

1/8 Arnaud

Arnaud is by far the best character in A Plague Tale. Brusquely spoken with wide shoulders built like a brick house, Arnaud is Requiem's take on The Witcher's Geralt of Rivia, a multi-faceted, medieval protector worthy of legend.

Whilst Amicia resents him at first, Arnaud proves instrumental in their story. The three of them effectively protect each other. Amicia's distrust for Arnaud softens after seeing how kindly he takes to Hugo, even with her little brother's impetuous tendencies, and that in itself is worth putting her differences aside for.

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