A Plague Tale: Requiem – A Burden Of Blood Walkthrough

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  • Find The Herbalist
  • Rats In The City
  • Extinguishing Fires
  • No Sign Of Nightshade
  • Can’t Save Everyone
  • Losing Hope
  • Kill Them All
  • Escape The Guards
  • Find Amicia’s Gear
  • Fire The Ballista

After narrowly escaping the crazed villagers, the de Rune family has found a new town to call home. Amicia and Hugo explore the city, discovering all kinds of interesting games and meeting friendly people. Unfortunately, peaceful times for the siblings quickly dissipate in A Plague Tale: Requiem.

The Macula in Hugo’s blood begins to act up, causing him to have a seizure. Amicia and Lucas find Magister Vaudin to help Hugo, but he requires a specific plant to help calm him. Beatrice sends the pair back out into the city to retrieve the herb. We’ll take a look at how Amicia can help her brother in our walkthrough of the third chapter of the game, A Burden of Blood.

Find The Herbalist

Although Amicia doesn’t trust Vaudin, Beatrice is insistent on him helping her son. She tells Lucas that they need Nightshade to calm Hugo and stabilize his seizure. Beatrice sends Lucas and Amicia to find a herbalist who lives on the outskirts of the city, on the other end of the butcher’s district. While the pair run through the rainy city, Amicia continues to express her disapproval of Vaudin, but Lucas also comes to the Magister’s defense.

Eventually, you’ll reach the gate leading into the butcher’s district. The rain has stopped now, and a bit more people are mulling in the city. Continue heading down the path and Lucas will point out the city gate. Turn right and continue running down the way until you see a crowd of people. A guard is telling everyone the district is closed for their safety. Turn back around and Lucas will mention a back way. He’ll pull back a cart, and you can now squeeze through wooden boards to bypass the blocked area.

Drop from the ledge, and you’ll slide into a pile of innards and rotten meat. Make your way through the disgusting pool of filth and climb the ledge. Pick up the pot and squeeze through the fence to find two chests with Alcohol, Sulphur, and Pieces. Interact with the cart to push it down to unblock the way, but it’ll go too far and knock the structure down and freeing the rats.

Rats In The City

Use your sling with Ignifer to light the brazier and clear the rats. There will be another brazier to the left, but it won’t fully clear the rats; use a pot to safely cross. Jump over the fence and Lucas mentions how the rats might want the hanging carcass. Use your sling to break the latch, dropping the carcass. Lucas suggests hitting the bag of Saltpeter to create a cloud that will extinguish flames and suffocate enemies. Hit the bag and the Saltpeter will snuff out the flame and the rats will attack the carcass, allowing you to safely move forward.

Push the cart full of Saltpeter down the hallway and turn it to the right. Push it to the end of the hall until it’s next to the carcass. Break the latch to drop the carcass and then hit the Saltpeter for the rats to attack it. There will be another carcass hanging to the left that will clear the remaining rats for you to climb the ladder. At the top, there will be a chest with Sulphur and Pieces, plus a knife in the side room.

Drop from the ledge and a guard will try to stop you. Kill the guard with your sling, and you’ll realize that the army of Provence is killing townsfolk and purging districts because of the rat infestation. Overlooking the edge, you’ll see a person trying to run from a guard but being eaten by rats. Lucas will teach you how to craft Exstinguis, which can be used to snuff out torches to strategically clear rats and use them to attack guards.

Extinguishing Fires

Mix one Sulphur and one Saltpeter to successfully craft Exstinguis. Use your sling to shoot the torch near the guard to extinguish the flame and the rats will devour him. Head down the ramp and make a sharp right turn to run back down the alley to find a chest with Sulphur. Relight the torch where the soldier was standing, and you can pick up Saltpeter left behind on his body.

There will be two groups of rats watching you by the torch. They’ll follow you around the light, so bait them to the far left where you went to get the chest, then quickly sprint through the newly opened gap to reach the other torch area. The rats that are grouped near this torch won’t come after you if you run. In the next area, there will be another guard with a torch, so use the Exstinguis to snuff the flame and the rats will attack him.

Leap over the barrier and run to the brazier for safety. Up ahead, there will be a guard patrolling. When he turns away, heads down the alley to the left. Immediately to your left will be a pile of sticks. Light a stick and walk down the alley again to clear the rats in the far right corner to find Pieces. Double back and walk into the side room to find a chest with Pieces, Sulphur, and Saltpeter, along with a pot inside the room. Through the window, you’ll see a Saltpeter bag that will extinguish the guard’s torch.

An alternative way of getting rid of the guard is by getting his attention and using Exstinguis when he’s walking down the steps or stabbing him with a knife.

No Sign Of Nightshade

With the guard disposed of, light a stick and clear a path through the rats to walk up the steps and reach the brazier. There will be a chest with Alcohol and Sulphur. Light the brazier with Ignifer and run up the steps to find another chest with Pieces, a Tool, Sulphur, and Saltpeter.

This will be the first Tool Amicia finds in the game, which is an important crafting resource for upgrading your equipment at workbenches.

Continue running up the steps and find two pots at the end of the path. Mix a pot with Exstinguis to snuff out the torches being held by the two guards on the ground and the rats will wipe them out. Be sure to pick up any leftover pots, because you might’ve been fully stocked before that throw. You can safely drop from the ledge because the rats will be too busy chowing down. Break the latch on the hanging carcass to divert the remaining rats and head into the side opening to find the two cranks at the top of the steps.

When Amicia and Lucas pull the cranks, the gate will open, but there won’t be a lock to hold it in place. Release the cranks and quickly run back down the steps and out the gate before it shuts. Now, outside the city walls, continue walking down the path. Amicia mentions how there was a reference to the island Hugo dreamt of in Vaudin’s laboratory, but Lucas tells her to focus on finding the Nightshade.

Can’t Save Everyone

Keep heading forward into the forge, and you’ll find a workbench. There will also be a chest with Pieces, Alcohol, Saltpeter, and a knife nearby. After using the workbench, climb down the ladder that’s next to the chest. There’s a dead body in the next room, but it was stabbed, meaning there are soldiers nearby. Exit the door and, unfortunately, the rats have returned. Light the torch in front of you to safely cross to the other house. When you jump in the window, there will be a soldier waiting with a spear, so quickly use your sling to kill him.

Grab a stick and light it on the torch to cross through the sea of rats to the brazier. There will be another soldier in the middle path and two others toward the right. Once they’re separated, use the Exstinguis to snuff out his torch and the rats will consume him. The other two soldiers will have walked down the path, so grab a stick on the right side and move through the rats to reach the house. There is a chest in the middle area with Sulphur and Saltpeter, as well as Alcohol on the dead body.

Once you’re in the house, pick up the pot next to the altar and open the chest on the right to find Pieces, Saltpeter, and Alcohol. Slowly walk outside the door and there will be a guard to the right without a helmet. Knock him out with your sling and then light the torch in front of you to safely move forward. You can use Exstinguis to eliminate the helmeted guard to the left and grab the Alcohol and Sulphur in the chest nearby. A pair of guards will emerge further up ahead with the herbalist, but either via rats or the soldier, the herbalist dies.

Losing Hope

Seeing the herbalist die sends Amicia into a frenzy. She thinks all hope is lost, but Lucas thinks there still might be some Nightshade in the herbalist’s shop. Kill the remaining guards patrolling the area and light the torch by the chopped wood to find a pile of sticks and a chest with Sulphur, Pieces, and a Tool. Light the stick and walk up the pile of bodies on the right. Use your sling to light the torch near the door, then grab another stick and safely cross the rats to the torch.

Light the brazier and you can reach the door, but it’s locked. Leap over the ledge on the left, and you’ll find a wood panel you can walk through. Search around the herbalist’s shop for the nightshade but all you’ll find are random flowers and his dead wife. After finding nothing, head inside the house, and you’ll find Pieces and a pot but still no Nightshade. Amicia continues to lose her cool, but Lucas tells her to calm down and that he’ll find the Nightshade himself.

Unfortunately for Lucas, he gets captured by the soldiers, and Amicia is forced to spring into action. Several soldiers are patrolling the area, both armored and unarmored, so proceed with caution. Follow the first soldier you see when you jump out of the house and walk up the steps to the next area. If you’re able to sneak behind an unarmored guard, you can perform a takedown to kill them but Amicia can be spotted by another guard. Either remain hidden and avoid the guards or pick off the unarmored guards carefully with your sling. You can find resources on their bodies and in surrounding chests, as well as utilizing toolboxes to create diversions.

Kill Them All

Once you reach the top area with the row of flowers, eliminate the unarmored guard to allow safe passage underneath the greenhouse. There will be another armored guard patrolling the flowers, but you can time his routes and safely reach the door down the left hallway. When you enter the barn, there will be a soldier on the verge of executing Lucas, take him out with your sling before the timer runs out.

Lucas tells Amicia that he found the Nightshade, but you hear soldiers rapidly approaching the barn. Amicia finally succumbs to her bloodlust and tells Lucas to hide while she handles the guards. There’s a chest nearby with Sulphur and Saltpeter to collect, then guards will start appearing on the railings and jumping from above. A few guards will have a giant shield but no helmet, so if you act fast you can hit them before they raise their shields. Utilize the Exstinguis bags to blind and stun guards, making it easier to kill him.

After killing a certain number of guards, the captain will burst into the barn and take Amicia and Lucas prisoner. Amicia says how scared she is about losing her mind, but Lucas assures her they’ll get through this together. Lucas shows her a pouch that will help them escape. When the captain opens the cell door, follow him to the front of the fire. Interact with the fire to use Lucas’s ability called Stupefacio to snuff out the fire and create a diversion. This ability can be used throughout the game when Lucas is with you.

Escape The Guards

Run up the steps and cross through the torture room to find more stairs. Continue running up and go through the door, closing it behind you. Jump outside the window and shuffle around the tower to reach the other side. Run across the roof and climb up the ledge. A guard is patrolling here, but he’ll have his back to you, so carefully walk through the side door without alerting him.

Climb through the window, and you’ll see several guards walking around below and a cart moving through the area. Climb down the ladder and carefully walk forward. There will be a guard standing in front of the fire, so use Stupefacio to stun the guard, so you can walk across. Head through the window and walk down the steps. Drop from the ledge and jump into the window, then quickly hide under the table.

Wait for the guards to pass and then head up the steps and turn right to go through the door. Lucas spots the main gate, so keep running straight and crawl through the window in the giant warehouse. Amicia realizes they’ve stumbled into their storage depot. She starts searching for her sling and Lucas tries to find the nightshade. Climb down the first ladder and Amicia will interact with some weapons, but they’re not hers. If you keep walking around the right side, you’ll see the path is blocked off.

Find Amicia’s Gear

Climb down the second ladder, and you’ll notice a latch that’s preventing the walkway from being complete. But without your sling, you can’t clear the path just yet. Run to the end of the warehouse and turn left to find your sling next to a barrel. Head back to the other end of the warehouse and break the latch to free the rest of the walkway. Head back up the ladder, and you’ll find the map of Guyenne, one of the chapter’s souvenirs.

Return to the ground level and make a sharp right turn to go underneath where you just found the map, and you’ll find Pieces. Now, walk back to the other end of the warehouse and use a knife to unlock the workbench. After using the workbench, turn around, and you’ll see Lucas standing by the door. Interact with the door, and you’ll see a trio of guards outside blocking the gate. Unable to sneak past them, you’ll need to find a new plan to escape.

Fire The Ballista

Lucas will point out the hanging ballista, saying that could be used to create a diversion. He finds a cart, and you can push it next to the workbench to climb up the ledge. Tell Lucas to man the crank, and it’ll lower the ballista. Once the ballista is fully lowered, Amicia can shoot the latch near the top which will completely free the ballista.

Push the ballista in front of the door and Lucas will plant the Stupefacio on the tip of the spear. When you’re ready, use the side crank to pull back the ballista and then let go of the crank to release the spear. It’ll crash through the door and castle wall, creating massive clouds of smoke that will allow Amicia and Lucas to escape from the guards and return home.

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