Abra Is Teleporting Players In Pokemon Unite Bug

Pokemon Unite hasn't had a ton of bugs, but the ones it does get can be pretty funny. This latest one is no exception, as Abra is teleporting players across the map mid-game, completely getting in the way of fights between players.

This glitch has been spotted a few times by fans, most recent by Reddit user ForHonourAndGlory. For whatever reason, certain circumstances will cause Abra to take the player with it when it teleports across the map, launching them out of the action and away from whatever they were meant to be doing.

Understandably, ForHonourAndGlory looks incredibly confused when the glitch is unintentionally pulled off. They weren't even fighting the Abra in question when it happened – they were just near it when it started its teleport move. Despite other 'mons, including human players, being near the psychic type when it used the move, only one of them was affected.

There are other instances of this happening, with some shared to r/PokemonUnite months ago. However, it doesn't appear to be a widespread problem, so we're unlikely to see it addressed in any upcoming patches.

What we can expect though is a bunch of new Pokemon to join the roster. Already, dataminers have found clues that point to Tsareena and Dragonite being the next new additions, indicating that developer Timi has no intention of slowing down its support of the game anytime soon. These leaks are almost certainly correct, as dataminers correctly predicted Decidueye's announcement long before it was revealed officially.

Back on the official front, we also have new holowear. Gengar is the latest 'mon to get kitted out in new virtual threads, with the Masked Style holowear turning it into a luchador. Unsurprisingly, turning the ghost type into a wrestler has been a hit with fans, and the skin is even discounted in the game's Black Friday sale, so you can pick it up for yourself for 840 aeos gems. The sale is still on now, ending December 1.

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