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Noah Ohlsen knows a thing or two about training for a fierce competition: the athlete has been a contender in the CrossFit Games no fewer than eight times, and in his highest ranking placed behind long-running “Fittest Man on Earth” and CrossFit GOAT Mat Fraser in 2020. In a new video with Gymshark, Ohlsen takes on a different kind of training prep, meeting up with bodybuilder and Mr. Olympia winner Chris Bumstead and adopting the workout routine and diet plan he uses to get ready for a physique competition.

“My fitness journey started in the bodybuilding world,” says Ohlsen. “The same way it does for every high school aged male, where you want to get big just because. So I started doing that for a while, and then I transitioned into CrossFit.” He admits that he never got as far into bodybuilding as Bumstead, and is excited to experience the Classic Physique champion’s daily schedule firsthand.

Bumstead explains that for about four months of the year he tends to be in preparation for a competition, but that even in his offseason he is still in prep mode when it comes to his diet. “You’re not just training muscle, you’re progressively training your metabolism to be able to handle more food,” he says. “If, by the end, I’m eating more calories than a year before, and I’m in the same shape, then my metabolism’s better.”

After breakfast (which Bumstead explains he eats as late as possible in order to then limit the amount of time between subsequent meals), they both head to the day where Bumstead coaches Ohlsen through his chest day workout. And then, once the training session is over, Bumstead introduces Ohlsen to another critical component of any physique competition: perfecting your bodybuilder poses.

“I know how to flex, but I don’t know how to pose,” says Ohlsen. Under Bumstead’s tutelage, however, he soon gets the hang of those classic tableaus.

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