Activision Blizzard Workers Are Walking For Gender Equity This Thursday

The workers at Activision Blizzard have planned a walkout for later this week. Taking place on July 21, the protest is to fight back against recent legislation that targets the rights and safety of women and LGBTQ+ communities. The employees aim to show upper management that worker safety must be a top priority for the company.

The ABK Workers Alliance tweeted out the information for the upcoming protest. It will kick off on Thursday at 10 AM (PST) and end at 2 PM (PST). It will take place outside the Blizzard Entertainment Offices in Irvine, California. The walkout was planned earlier this month after the overturn of Roe vs. Wade and Blizzard's silence on the issue.

The group has outlined specific goals that the employees are demanding from the company to ensure the safety of all its workers. These goals include fully remote work options for all employees and relocation to safe offices for those that cannot work from home/ remotely. Similarly, Blizzard must offer relocation services to any employee residing in a state/ country passing discriminatory legislation.

Other goals focus on protecting employees affected by the recent overturn of Roe vs. Wade and anti-LGBTQ+ legislation. This includes ensuring that Blizzard’s health insurance partners recognize and cover transgender and reproductive healthcare like abortion. For those employees that must travel to receive such healthcare, Blizzard must cover all expenses. Plus, for any worker living in an area where these rights are being threatened, the company must immediately aid in their relocation. No one should ever have to choose between safety and maintaining their livelihood.

The employees also ask to be included in the company's report to ensure the recent sexual harassment audit was conducted fairly and thoroughly. They similarly demand regular meetings between upper management and the worker-led Committee Against Sex and Gender Discrimination as well as a labor neutrality agreement.

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