AEW’s Samoa Joe Will Reportedly Play Sweet Tooth In Twisted Metal Series

Only a couple of days after learning that BoJack Horseman star, Will Arnett, will be voicing Sweet Tooth in the Twisted Metal TV show, it has been reported that the killer clown will be played on-screen by AEW wrestler Samoa Joe. Joe Seanoa, as he's known outside the ring, will play the body of Sweet Tooth, while Arnett will be providing voice overs.

As reported by Deadline, the WWE US Champion and TNA World Heavyweight Champion will be joining the likes of Neve Campbell – who will play Raven, and Thomas Haden Church, who has been lined up to play Agent Stone.

As pointed out by VGC, Sweet Tooth is actually the name of the ice cream truck that the clown mask wearing character drives, while his actual name in the game is Needles Kane. However, based on the reporting, it seems that the show might be trying to embrace the misconception and change the name of the character to Sweet Tooth. Of course, we'll only know for sure once the show streams on NBC Peacock sometime next year.

Twisted Metal isn't the only PlayStation game getting a TV show. There's already the highly anticipated HBO adaptation of The Last of Us, starring Bella Ramsey as Ellie and Pedro Pascal as Joel. Besides that, Sony has TV adaptations for God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and Gran Turismo in the works as well.

The information was spotted in a business briefing document, which was later posted to ResetEra. According to the document, Sony plans for its IPs to "leverage beyond gaming." The company has clear plans to extend its iconic IPs beyond just traditional video games, into areas like TV, movies, retail, and even live service. Hopefully we'll also get to see a God of War musical one day.

We recently learned that Sony's acquisition of Bungie wasn't just for the Destiny IP, but also the studio's experience with live service games. Bungie will reportedly play a major role in Sony's Live Service Center of Excellence, where it will act in an advisory role to help Sony achieve its objective of establishing multiple live service games over the next few years.

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