After A Long Wait, NHL 21 News Is Finally Coming Soon

NHL 21 was nowhere to be seen at EA Play Live in June, but it seems the game may finally be getting close to its proper reveal. The game’s community manager said in a July 17-dated tweet that a an “update” on NHL 21 is coming sometime this week.

EA not announcing NHL 21 at EA Play was no surprise given that the company historically focuses on FIFA and Madden in June before announcing the year’s new NHL game later on.

The real-world NHL season will resume on August 1, and hockey fans are in for a treat. Instead of playing out the rest of the regular season, the NHL is picking up with the playoffs. An expanded roster of 24 teams will compete, and there will be five or six games per day at the beginning.

NHL 21 is expected to release on PS4 and Xbox One, while the game will also presumably be playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X through backwards compatibility. EA’s Madden NFL 21 has a “Dual Entitlement” program where you can receive a free upgrade to the PS5/Xbox Series X edition of the game, but no such program has been announced for NHL 21 as of yet.

EA’s NHL series has recently made headlines for how NHL 20 features racist player and team names. EA is taking action against these offending players, while the game has been updated with a new new splash page about Black Lives Matter.

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