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Five-time CrossFit Games champion Mat Fraser may have retired from competition, but that doesn’t mean he’s been resting on his laurels. The former “Fittest Man on Earth” is continuing to put everything he has into his workouts, as he sets himself new goals and explores different areas of training that didn’t necessarily fit into his focus on functional fitness as a CrossFitter.

One of these goals has been to work on his deadlift. Fraser announced on Instagram earlier this month that he had achieved a lifetime PR on the deadlift, having pulled 540 pounds. “Deadlifting wasn’t a high priority when I was training to compete and I wanted to have something to work towards that was new,” he said at the time. “I wrote out a couple months of training and got to work.”

And now, he’s shared the footage of the milestone moment on social media. In a new video on Instagram, you can watch Fraser approaching the bar and hitting his all-time single rep max. “Feels pretty cool to be hitting PRs after my competitive career,” he wrote in the caption, adding: “I think 600 needs to happen though.”

Fraser is using an alternating grip, or mixed grip, on his deadlift; holding the bar in an overhand grip on his right side, and an underhand grip on his left. Not only does a mixed grip make it a lot more difficult for the barbell to slip or roll forward out of your hands, it is also a popular technique when it comes to adding progressive overload to your deadlifts, enabling people to gain muscle and strength in their training.

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