Amazon Seemingly Not Acquiring EA, Contrary To Earlier Reports

Earlier today, a report alleged that Amazon had made an offer to acquire Electronic Arts. However, stock analyst David Faber of CNBC has since denied these rumours, saying that Amazon is not going to make a bid.

"I have talked to some people who would actually know if there was something going on and they say there's nothing going on," Faber said. "These are people who would be involved who in fact were involved when our parent company was talking to Electronic Arts… This is not going to happen today from what I'm hearing unless the people who have been involved previously have no idea."

The initial report came from Good Luck Have Fun (GLHF) who claimed that Amazon was bidding against some other heavy hitters to acquire EA, best known for FIFA, Apex Legends, The Sims, and Madden NFL. This news isn't too surprising as its been long-rumoured that Disney, Apple, and Amazon were all pushing for an acquisition.

Amazon has been ramping up its gaming initiatives in the past few years with a cloud streaming service called Luna as well as its acquisition of Twitch, tying the streaming juggernaut to its Prime benefits. However, it looks like it's push into gaming won't include EA for now.

In other news, former EA dev Michael Libenson, Plants vs. Zombies co-creator Kyle Duncan, former Disney corporate citizenship leader Nicole Rustad, and Rare co-founder Brett Jenks have formed a new studio called Carbon Counts that is developing a new mobile game called EverForest that will plant real trees as you progress. It has raised $4.5 million and aims to plant over 100 million trees by 2025 in its push to give players the tools to help positively impact the environment while gaming.

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