Amnesia: Rebirth Gets A Scare-Free Adventure Mode Update On PC Today

Last year, Amnesia: Rebirth released to a rather divisive response from both critics and players. While its story was often highlighted as being a strong point, the general gameplay left many with an unsatisfying taste in their mouths. The adventure elements were all there, but the scares didn’t come very often and were rather drab. That’s what makes the game’s latest update so tantalizing: now you can play Rebirth without even bothering with the fright factor.

Developer Frictional Games is rolling out a new “Adventure Mode” update for the PC version of Rebirth today that will replicate a similar option from SOMA. As you might expect, this turns the title into something more of an adventure game, removing all horror elements and letting players delve into the story without anxiety. “The game still has its very serious theme and sometimes unnerving ambiance,” said Fredrik Olsson, creative lead on Amnesia: Rebirth, “but the new mode feels a lot more like an Indiana Jones type of adventure in places where it would otherwise be more of a horror experience.”

If you’re thinking this is merely an enemy removal mode, Adventure Mode also tones down the visuals and sound design to alter the more nerve-wracking moments. Not content with “removing” elements from the game, Frictional has added a number of new puzzles so that players averse to horror can get an equally satisfying, yet distinctly different experience out of the game. “We believe that anyone who loves a good story-driven adventure game will be stoked about this new mode,” Fredrik added.

If you happen to own Amnesia: Rebirth on PS4, you won’t have to worry about missing out on this update. The PC version is getting the love first, but PlayStation owners will be able to try out Adventure Mode within the coming weeks. That’s great, too, because the entire Amnesia series is being discounted for the launch of this mode. On Steam, GOG, and Epic, you’ll be able to grab all three titles for 40% off their regular prices. Frictional Games’ back catalog is also discounted by up to 80%, meaning you can play the similarly awesome SOMA for dirt cheap.

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