Amouranth Reveals That She’s Married, Husband Controls Finances And Verbally Abuses Her On Stream

Amouranth has accused her husband of controlling her finances, as she records him verbally abusing her over the phone during a livestream.

This is the first time Amouranth, real name Kaitlyn Siragusa, has mentioned having a husband, as she says she was told to pose as single online. During the abusive phone call, Siragusa says she is scared her husband will hurt her dogs. In response, he tells her to "leave the house", and berates her for "not listening" to him.

The full October 15 livestream wasn't saved by Amouranth, but clips taken by viewers have been circulating online. Many of them have been documented by Dexerto.

In one of these clips, a visibly distressed Siragusa says that she's been "wanting to tell" her fans she was married for some time. "Let's just tell them that we're fucking married," she says. Our relationship would be better. Instead, we're fighting all the time." She then claims that her husband rejected this idea because it would "ruin the business model", referring to her Twitch and OnlyFans following.

Elsewhere in the stream, she speaks to her husband over the phone. Here, he is heard yelling at a tearful Siragusa. She accuses him of threatening to kill her dogs, to which he responds by telling her to leave the house.

In another video, Siragusa goes through texts allegedly sent by her husband. These texts strongly suggest that she doesn't control her own bank account, as he threatens to spend $500,000 of her money if she doesn't reply to him. He also threatens to delete her social media accounts, meaning he likely has access to them too.

Amouranth hasn't commented on the matter since her stream ended. According to Dexerto, the stream abruptly cut off when an unknown voice off-screen asked if Siragusa had taken her medication.

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