Animal Crossing New Horizons update time, summer wave 2 patch notes, 1.4.0 download

Animal Crossing New Horizons update time is fast approaching, with Nintendo set to launch summer wave 2 on the Switch soon. Hot on the heels of the first Animal Crossing New Horizons summer update, Ninty this week will be releasing the other major patch for July. Earlier this week the official Animal Crossing Twitter account announced the upcoming release for the summer wave 2 update and outlined what will be in the Animal Crossing New Horizons download.

The next major Animal Crossing patch will add fireworks shows which will be happening every Sunday in August.

This will happen on Sundays for AC players in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

The Animal Crossing summer update 2 will also allow you to travel other players’ islands in your dreams.

When you go to hit the hay Luna will magically transport you to other Animal Crossing New Horizons islands from around the world.

And finally the second big Animal Crossing update for July will add the island backup and restoration feature for the Nintendo Switch.

This, however, will only be available to those with an active Switch Online membership.

The news was revealed by Isabelle – via the @animalcrossing Twitter – who posted: “[Announcement] Weekly fireworks shows in August!

“Visit other players’ islands in a dream! Island Backup & Restoration.

“The #AnimalCrossing: New Horizons Summer Update – Wave 2 lights up the sky on 7/30. #ACNH”.

While Isabelle and the trailer for summer update 2 said the update will be launching on July 30 it could be arriving early in some regions.

As revealed in a post on, the official Japanese Nintendo website has said Animal Crossing New Horizons update 1.4.0 will launch at 10am JST on Thursday July 30.

That would mean gamers in the UK would be getting the Animal Crossing New Horizons update in the early hours of the morning tomorrow.

While Animal Crossing fans in the US would be getting summer update 2 on Wednesday July 29.

Here are the different times for regions around the world…


• July 29 at 6pm pacific time

• July 29 at 9pm eastern time

• July 30 at 2am BST / UK time

• July 30 at 10am Japanese standard time

• July 30 at 11am Australian eastern time

While Nintendo has not announced release times for other regions, the previous two major Animal Crossing New Horizons updates have all launched worldwide simultaneously.

So there’s a good chance Nintendo could follow this release pattern with summer update 2.

The upcoming Animal Crossing update comes hot on the heels of the first summer update which was released on July 3.

ICYMI, here’s what that patch included…

• Swimming and Diving – Grab a wet suit and get aquatically acquainted with your island marine life when swimming and diving arrive to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Swim in the inviting waters off the coast of your island and dive to discover and scoop up sea creatures that inhabit your island’s ecosystem. Keep your eyes peeled for any prospective additions to the museum, and make sure to listen for fun facts from Blathers when you donate your new discoveries.

• Pascal Brings Rewarding Recipes – While swimming, you might meet someone new! The friendly visitor Pascal seems to love scallops, and if you discover one while diving, he may ask you if he can have it. As a thank you, he’ll share some of his mermaid-themed DIY recipes.

• Gulliver? – After downloading the free update, a familiar face will occasionally wash up on shore, but sporting slightly different, pirate-like clothing. Offer him a helping hand and he’ll send a special reward to show his gratitude.

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