Animal Crossing Player Travels The World To See All In-Game Art In Real Life

Animal Crossing is known for all the adorable decorations you can use to turn your home and village into the perfect domicile for you and your animal friends. It comes packed with real-world artwork, too. One player, May, has made it his mission to visit each of these classic works in their physical locations, and he's documented it all on TikTok.

May's journey started five months ago, in April. So far He's seen 15 out of the 43 real-world artworks within the game. There's too many to list them all here – and I'm no art historian so I'm not going to try – but I did recognise a few gooduns.

The first one I recongised was a painting of some yellow flowers in a vase – I think sunflowers, I think painted by Vincent Van Gogh. Next up was a person lying in a shallow stream, I think it's about the vanity myth?

After that was the Rosetta Stone, key to deciphering ancient Egyptian scripts, held in British Museum, like countless other priceless artifacts that have been pillaged from their home counties across the globe.

After the is the Mona Lisa – honestly, rather disappointing in real life. It's a lot of people stood around a tiny painting that's too far away to see properly. After that is the Venus de Milo – I think? It's a statue of a woman with her arms missing.

The final and – in this Egyptian writer's entirely unbiased opinion – best piece of art visited by May so far was the bust of Nefertiti, held in the Neues museum in Berlin. Her incomparable beauty has to be seen to be believed. As the archaeologist who found her wrote in his notes, "Description is useless! She has to be seen."

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