Animal Crossing summer update 1.4.0 patch notes and how to get a dream address

The latest update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is live now but exploring other people’s islands in your dreams is not as easy as you’d think.

Ever since its release in March, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been getting a steady stream of free updates, many of which have added major new features, like the art gallery or the ability to swim.

The update for August has three main parts to it: new firework shows, an island backup and restoration service, and the ability to visit other people’s islands in your dreams. The problem is, you’re going to have trouble accessing any of them straight away.

The firework shows are only on a Sunday, so unless you cheat and forward your Switch’s clock, it’s impossible to see what they’re like yet – although they promise to include customisable firework displays and new seasonal items handed out in a raffle by Redd.

The dream feature is available from today though and once you start the game you’ll find you’ll have two special items in your postbox: some fireworks-themed wallpaper from Nintendo and a bed from Luna the tapir.

To access your dreams you just need to lay down on any bed (it doesn’t have to be Luna’s) and you’ll be asked if you want to go to sleep. Select ‘Yeah, I want to sleep…’ and you’ll enter the dream world.

Luna will explain the basics of how dreams work in New Horizons, including the fact that to access anyone’s island you need to have a ‘Dream Address’ that they’ve already given you.

Fans had assumed that you could also visit random islands, but that’s not the case. Which makes the whole thing a bit pointless, because if you know someone well enough to have their address you can just visit their island properly.

But since you can customise your island with personalised text and images Nintendo are being their usual cautious self when it comes to possibly objectionable content.

If you just want to see the dream visits work though there are already plenty of fans online who are sharing their dream addresses, such as this thread on Reddit.

If you want to share your own code then just ask Luna what it is and she’ll tell you. But remember that when you visit an island in your dreams you’re not really there, so you can’t take any items with you and you can’t change anything about the island – although you can talk to dream versions of the inhabitants.

There are a few other new changes that the update has brought, as you can see from the patch notes below, including changes to the Custom Design Portal in the Able Sisters’ tailor shop so that you can search for keywords like ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Ferrari’.

That’s super useful but since the previous restrictions used the same logic as the ones for Luna the insistence on using Dream Addresses now looks extra strange.

How to use Animal Crossing island backup

The island backup service is something you’ll hopefully never have to use but to turn it on press the ‘-‘ button on the New Horizons menu screen, select ‘Island backup’, then ‘Enable island backup’.

As long as you’re subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online the game will then periodically save your island to the cloud and you’ll be able to recover it if your Switch is stolen or broken, with more info available on how to do it here.

You can see when the latest update was by looking at the bottom left of the menu screen, which will indicate the time and date of the last upload.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ver. 1.4.0 patch notes

The software has been updated if you see ‘Ver. 1.4.0’ in the upper-right corner of the title screen.

  • General updates
    • A new seasonal event, Fireworks Shows, has been added.
    • New limited-time seasonal items have been added to Nook Shopping.
    • A new feature was added to the NookPhone Camera app, allowing you to turn off the guide information by pressing in the R Stick.
    • The “funny glasses” item now matches up with player skin colour variations.
    • A new feature allows you to sleep in a bed and meet Luna. You can upload a dream of your island via the internet or visit other uploaded dream islands.
    • New features have been added to the Custom Designs Portal. You can now search by design name or type. You can now create a list of favourite creators.
    • A new feature has been added for backing up save data to Nintendo’s servers via the internet. You can use backed up save data with the island backup restoration service if your Nintendo Switch system is lost or broken.
      • You must be a member of Nintendo Switch Online and enable backups within Animal Crossing: New Horizons to use this new feature.
      • Save data cannot be restored at a customer’s discretionary timing. If your system is broken, you must contact Nintendo Support to start a repair request. If you have lost your system, you must contact Nintendo Support.
      • This feature does not allow save data (island data) to be transferred to a different system. We currently plan on adding a save data transfer feature within 2020. Information on the feature and timing will be announced at a future time.
      • Other adjustments were made to improve the game play experience.

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