Animal Crossing Taps McDonald's for Virtual Clothing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has teamed up with McDonald’s for virtual clothing inspired by some of the fast-good giant’s most popular menu items.

Spanning four T-shirts and one hat, the lineup is enlivened by a boisterous assembly of bright colors and familiar motifs. The assemblage includes a T-shirt emblazoned with a close-up image of a Big Mac, a cropped print of McDonald’s fries box, an image of the chain’s iconic Happy Meal smile, and a pattern of Vanilla soft-serve ice cream set on a light blue base. The final piece in the lineup is a hat made to resemble a top bun, decorated with sesame seeds and a small “M” logo on the left.

Each piece is modeled after real-life apparel from McDonald’s dedicated website Golden Arches Unlimited. Head over to NookLink in Nintendo Switch‘s online app and choose “designs” for the full selection of McDonald’s virtual apparel on Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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