Annapurna Interactive Showcase Scheduled For July 29

Annapurna Interactive, statistically the best game publisher of 2020, is hosting its own video game showcase on July 29. The publisher is promising exclusive gameplay reveals, new game announcements, and “a few more surprises”. Tune in to the company’s YouTube or Twitch channel at 12pm PDT to catch the showcase. Only “fun surprises from games such as The Artful Escape, Skin Deep, Solar Ash, Neon White, Stray” have been confirmed so far, with a lot of surprises to come.

Annapurna Interactive is the video game publishing branch of the independent American media company, Annapurna Pictures. As a film company, it produced incredible films such as Spring Breakers, Her, American Hustle, and Booksmart, and it has a stellar track record as a video game publisher too. Under its belt are phenomenal indie games like Journey, Florence, Outer Wilds – they’re all on sale now – and Kentucky Route Zero.

Hopefully, Annapurna Interactive won’t just be showing off third-party games – the publisher opened its own internal development studio back in October 2020. This showcase would be the perfect time for the dev team to reveal a brand new game. It publishes nothing but bangers, so there’s a big expectation that any game it develops will also be a hit.

As well as the company’s own showcase to look forward to, it was recently announced that it would publish two new games for the Switch this year. Last Stop and Hindsight, both revealed during Nintendo’s indie showcase in April, will be released on the Switch, Last Stop is expected in July, while Hindsight, ironically, doesn’t have a specific release date yet.

Annapurna Interactive has been going strong since its inception six years ago. It’s gone from hit to hit, just like Devolver Digital, which is looking to upstage the competition at E3 on Saturday. The company is trolling Ubisoft, following Ubisoft Forward with Devolver Forwarder. If you want to catch the most Forward event of the conference, tune in this Saturday at 1:30pm PDT.

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