Apex Legends: Complete Lifeline Guide

Lifeline is one of the most approachable and easy to play characters in Apex Legends, and she also provides a necessary and valuable boost to the proficiency of any team that she’s on. Lifeline dominates when situations get tight, and as long as your opponents get sloppy, you’ll be able to revive your squad, throwing them back into the fight whenever they get downed.

Lifeline may be easy to use, but that doesn’t mean you should play her without thinking. A good Lifeline player will be able to keep the entire team standing and fighting, while a bad one will leave the team to die alone. If you follow the tips in this guide, you will be one of the good Lifelines, so just read below for everything you need to know to play as Lifeline in Apex Legends.

Lifeline’s Abilities In Apex Legends

Lifeline is small and agile, which is great for dodging bullets, but less so for trying to shoot her. To offset her small hitboxes she also comes with the Low Profile nerf, which increases all incoming damage by 5%. Stay low if you want to win while using this legend.

Tactical Ability – D.O.C. Heal Drone

Lifeline’s heal drone is excellent, and should be used liberally. All players close to the drone will heal 7.5 HP per second, and the drone will dish out 150 HP per use. If you’re low on health just throw down the drone and start using shield cells – and not just Lifeline, but your entire team.

But the drone can be used offensively, too. In a tight situation you can quickly throw the drone behind a rock, and continue to pop out to shoot at enemies, preventing them from moving closer. Lifeline can be great in high-level play precisely because she can heal and play defensively, while playing offensively.

Passive Ability – Combat Revive

When reviving a teammate Lifeline’s drone will put up an invincible shield for as long as the revive persists. This is great and has always been present, but at some point Respawn added the ability for Lifeline to use the drone to revive a teammate, and she can continue acting. This means she can weave in and out of the shield to keep back opponents, heal behind it, or even go to revive another teammate – although once the drone is in use elsewhere, you can’t use it for a revive until the other revive has finished.

This is a great ability, and makes Lifeline devastating when she acts as a solid team player. Stick by your pals, in safety, and be prepared to slide over to them to drop them a revive, and then back them up as they retreat to heal. When working in tandem with Gibraltar, this tactic makes a team incredible powerful.

Ultimate Ability – Care Package

Once Lifeline’s ultimate gauge is full she is able to call down a friendly care package, which will gift all of your team with loot. While the friendly care packages won’t spawn golden items or care package weapons, it will offer up purple shields, ammo, knockdown shields, and weapon attachments.

This ability isn’t as powerful as it always has been, but it’s still worth having Lifeline use Ultimate Accelerants and call down as many care packages as possible to kit the team out with gear. That is, if you’re willing to give your location away to any nearby teams.

Best Weapons For Lifeline In Apex Legends

Lifeline is best used when, well, with the rest of your team. As a result she’s a solid mid-to-close range legend, and makes great use of assault rifles and SMGs. When combating opponents up close and keeping your team healed, an SMG is a great way to shred through the HP of your foes so they don’t get too cocky with their approach.

The best assault rifles, for my money, are the 30-30 Repeater of the G7 Scout. These are both single-fire weapons, but you shouldn’t have to worry about that if you have an SMG as your secondary. These both have excellent range, and potentially very high damage. It allows Lifeline to stay at a safe distance while third partying enemy engagements, or picking off scraps of damage from a distance while a friendly sniper takes them down.

Lifeline Tips And Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know In Apex Legends

The revive recovery shield is one of the most useful things Lifeline has in her arsenal. It can protect you and your friend while the fight is happening, and you still have the opportunity to strike back and finish off enemies while it happens. Whenever a friend goes down in battle, you should make it your priority to revive them with the drone.

To tie into that, Lifeline should always be given a golden backpack, if one is available. As you probably know, a gold backpack will give any revived players 50% HP and shields when they stand, meaning players will be able to survive a few shots from the enemy team as you attempt to retreat and heal up fully. If you end up using this multiple times in a match, you’ll quickly discover that even the most skilled enemy team will become overwhelmed. But of course, a skilled enemy team will know to take care of Lifeline first.

We’ve already mentioned how you should liberally use the heal drone to keep your HP up in the middle of a firefight – and you should absolutely pop a shield cell while you’re there – but try to be creative about the use of your care package, too. The care package might not offer you much in the way of offensive items, but it can be used as cover. If you’re locked down tight, call down a care package and you’ll be able to use it as cover as you attempt to retreat – if you’re lucky, enemies will even be crushed as it lands.

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