Apex Legends Halloween Event Includes Spooky Wall Running

The season of spookiness is once again upon us, and that means it’s time to get scared in Apex Legends. Fight or Fright returns in 2020 with a new limited-time game mode, new and returning Halloween cosmetics, and perhaps most frightening of all, a new ability straight out of Titanfall 2.

Let’s start with Shadow Royale, the new limited-time game mode that arrives with Fight or Fright. Unlike last year’s Shadowfall, this year’s event still has the usual squad-based combat, but there’s a twist. Killed teammates become deadly shadows with deadly claws, “unnerving speed,” and enhanced mobility that includes–you guessed it–wall running.

The trailer below showcases that wall running in action. Like a zombie straight out of a Romero movie, you can leap onto walls and then onto your opponents to rip and tear until it is done, as one rival game likes to put it.

Just like Shadowfall, shadows have infinite lives, so killing one just delays their assault rather than prevents it. Squadmates that have become shadows can also revive fallen team members, with the usual last-squad-standing being the winner.

Last year’s event was a proving ground for Revenant’s passive movement abilities. This year’s wall running could be the same for a new, unannounced hero, or it’s entirely possible that all Legends will get wall running in a future update.

There’s also one other thing with Shadow Royale worth mentioning. Some teams are going to get a hell-beast squadmate. Revenant is apparently running a shelter for creatures from the hell dimension, and they’re looking to be adopted out to good homes. Hopefully–as is the trend in games these days–you can pet the hell-beast.

Fight or Fright will also see the return of all 24 of last year’s cosmetic items to the Apex Legends shop, as well as some new “rethemed” versions of said same skins. There’s also a brand new Loba and Revenant skin, as well as an event-specific prize track with exclusive rewards, including a weapon charm, Pathfinder skin, and Sentinel skin.

Fight or Fright runs from October 22 to November 3.

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