Apex Legends Player Reports Problems With Bo

Sparklaphobia is an uncommon ailment in which sufferers fear glitter – it’s something often overlooked due to its rarity, but items like the Bocek Bow’s arrows can trigger an uneasy feeling in those with the phobia. One user shared this revelation on Reddit, and Respawn’s director of communications swiftly responded.

“I’ve been an avid player since Season 0, and this is the first season that I can’t play,” Reddit user sky-m1n opened,  “The Bocek Bow’s arrow fetching and the pulsing yellow highlight are the problems. I feel uneasy, the pulse gets under my skin, and the more arrows there are, the more uncomfortable it becomes. Sometimes, I have to force close and cradle myself, because I can feel an epileptic seizure coming.”

Currently, there’s no related accessibility option that would help to negate this, but sky-m1n posited their own fix, “Can there be the option to turn ammo matte solid without pulsing? Maybe an alternative VFX where it doesn’t pulse but instead transitions through a gradient? The main issue is that the VFX pattern looks like dotted embossing shimmering through the arrow.”

They tried to use colorblind modes but the VFX remained, still setting off the issue with both their sparkalaphobia and epilepsy. Luckily, Rigney responded, “Damn. I’d never even heard of this before, but I think we ought to take it seriously. I’m letting the team know.”

More accessibility options – to ensure that everybody can play the game – is nothing but beneficial, so hopefully, soon enough, Respawn rolls out a patch that implements some kind of fix for this user, whether that be a setting or a player-wide update.

The post itself garnered a wealth of Reddit rewards with unanimous support from other players along with 11.3k upvotes. The user even shared a gif of what the new VFX could look like with a purple dome that, rather than glimmering, has a slow-moving purple gradient washing over in a loop. That could be Respawn’s ticket to solving this issue.

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