Apex Legends Unshackled Event Brings Back Flashpoint For A Limited Time

Apex Legends players will be glad to know that Flashpoint will be returning for a limited time during the upcoming Unshackled event, between April 19 and May 3. Flashpoint mode takes place on the floating city of Olympus and features a round where all healing items are removed. Instead, Legends have to find Flashpoint zones where they can heal themselves by standing within the demarcated area.

As part of the event, two unique weekly challenge tracks called Flash Events will reward you with special event themed goodies. Between April 19 and April 26, you can earn a unique badge, an epic charm, an epic Re-45 skin, and an epic skin for Seer. And between April 26 and May 3 you'll be able to earn a unique badge, a rare Apex Pack, an epic Boxing Nessie Holospray, and an Unshackled Pack.

The Unshackled event will also be bringing 40 event themed cosmetics into the mix for you to unlock, including the likes of “Machine Language” Crypto, “Bad Bot” Pathfinder, “Quantum Collision” Wraith. Don't worry if you can't grab them, they will be added to the standard Apex Pack pool of items after the event ends.

Respawn Entertainment is also trying something new called Thematic Tabs. "In an effort to show off new content better and make menus easier to read and navigate, we’ve updated the Thematic Event Tab with Unshackled," says the event announcement page.

It's a good thing this event is coming soon too, because it seems that the Apex Legends community really needs something to do. Recently, Apex Legends pros Esteban 'NanoFRYS' Gomez and Will 'TeQ' Starck hosted a live stream where, instead of shooting each other, the two were having a rather amicable debate about what shape the earth was.

Yes, Gomez argued the Earth was flat – after watching a two hour documentary – whereas Starck, who also happens to be an MIT aerospace engineer, argued the Earth was round, based on logic and common sense. At one point Gomez also went on to argue that neither gravity, nor outer space actually exist. The debate ended without a winner and the two just agreed to disagree. It seems the Unshackled event can't come soon enough.

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