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Keep seeing matching sports bra and shorts sets all over your Instagram feed? The Strong Women team has been busy putting four of the most popular through the workout test to see if they’re more style than substance.

Finding the right gym wear takes time. More often than not, you end up wearing the same leggings, shorts and sports bra time after time because it’s molded to your body and just feels right

But when your trusted pair of shorts start to lose their elasticity and you’re forced to find a replacement, things can get tricky. There are so many factors that come into play with sportswear. Can I squat in these leggings? Will those shorts stay up if I burpee? Am I going to spill out of a different sports bra?

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There’s no shame in admitting to wanting to look good while exercising. We all want to walk into that class or weights section feeling like we can tackle any workout thrown our way and knowing that our chosen set won’t let us down. 

At Strong Women, we want to empower you to make smart choices when it comes to working out, and that’s goes beyond just the working out part itself. We want to give you the tools to try the latest trends that you’ve seen all over your feed with confidence. That’s why we decided to put the fitness world’s latest Instagram obsession to the test: matching shorts and sports co-ord sets. This is your crib sheet to the best sets in the business.

Pocket LDN – Miranda, Strong Women editor

The Impasto shorts and bra set from Pocket LDN are the perfect cycling outfit.

There’s nothing worse than putting on a fancy pair of shorts for a workout, only to look down and find that you’ve got a visibly sweaty crotch on show. This pair from Pocket, however, are totally sweat-proof – which has meant that they’re now my go-to for running, cycling, HIIT and everything in between. 

The other great thing about them is that they have a rubbery strip around the waist band which stops them from sagging – meaning that you can squat with ease. For me, the bra isn’t high-impact enough for most activities that I want to do but for cycling in the sun, pilates or a stretching yoga session, this set is absolutely ideal. 

Shop the Impasto Shorts, £45

Shop the Impasto Bra, £40

Tala – Chloe, Senior fitness writer

I’ve never been to the gym in a shorts and bra set before but this set is so good, I’m becoming a convert!

I’m pretty sure this was the first time that I’ve ever worn a sports bra and shorts to the gym – and I felt so comfortable. The bra is really long and the shorts are really high so they balance each other out, plus the thick straps and non-roll shorts meant I didn’t feel exposed or worried about training without a T-shirt.

The material of the shorts is so thick they allow free movement while doing things like weights, and they passed the squat test – which is a must. 

Shop the Hosta Shorts, £30

Shop the Stark Logo Seamless Racer Back Bra, £32

Live the Process – Alyss, Social media editor

Size down on the shorts if you’re planning to do a lot of running or jumping because Live the Process runs a little big.

I’d heard of Australian brand Live the Process from my usual haunt, Instagram, and when they arrived my first thought was: ‘Okaaaay, these look cute.’ The forest green colour would look good on all skin tones and they felt super soft to touch. 

I wore my set for a cosy home yoga session and the fabric allowed me to move from a downward dog into a cobra with ease. The sports bra almost felt like a crop top so I didn’t feel on show or uncomfortable just wearing that. My only issue was they felt a little big and I did have to pull the shorts up a few times, so I would either size them down or avoid wearing them to a HIIT class with lots of jumping. 

Shop the Orion Shorts, £69

Shop the Corset Grid Bra, £53

OnerActive – Meeka, social media assistant

The OnerActive brand claims to be all about making every woman feel powerful while training, and I think that’s totally true.

When I first put the Oneractive shorts on, I had to pull them up a few times to get the right fit because of the seamless contouring technology. The fabric itself is so soft and stretchy and after a while it molds to your shape, so you feel really secure. 

I put my kit to the test at two different boxing classes, and it definitely didn’t disappoint; I felt supported throughout. The collection claims to be ‘designed to make each and every woman feel powerful and extraordinary while training’ and in my opinion, it does just that.

Shop the Classic Seamless Cycling Shorts, £39

Shop the Classic Seamless Sports Bra, £29

Now you’re kitted out, head over to the Strong Women Training Club to put your co-ord set to the test!

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