Ark Survival Evolved: How To Find A Lost Dinosaur

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Ark: Survival Evolved is a giant survival game with a lot to do. You can build a base to defend yourself against enemies in the wilderness, create a tribe to fight other groups on PVP servers, and even tame dozens of different creatures, including an array of unique dinosaurs.

With so many dinosaurs for you to encounter and tame, it's no surprise that you'll eventually lose track of one of your trusty pets. If you do happen to lose a tame, then there are a few ways you can find it. Additionally, there are even methods you can use to prepare for the event of a lost dinosaur before it occurs.

Whistle Follow All

Whistling presents many useful ways to command your tames, but it's particularly useful in a situation where you lose one because you can use the "Follow All" whistle to command each of your tames in the area to follow you. Your tames will then walk or fly toward you. Whistling all of your tames to follow you only works around a small radius, but it's still useful depending on the environment and size of the tame.

Attach Transponder Nodes To Your Tames

Transponder Trackers allow you to track any Transponder Nodes that you previously attached to your tames after equipping the Tracker in your hotbar. If you put your tame in a cryopod, then they'll lose the Transponder Node.

You can type the frequency of the Transponder Node by interacting with a tame while holding the Transponder Tracker, which allows for unique tracking. Below you can find out how to create a Transponder Tracker and Node, in addition to how to attach them to your tames.

How To Craft Transponder Trackers

To craft a Transponder Tracker, you'll first need to unlock its engram for 30 Engram Points after you reach level 66. Next, you'll need to locate a Fabricator or Tek Replicator to craft the Transponder Tracker. The materials you'll need to craft it are 80 Electronics, 25 Crystal or Primal Crystal, 30 Cementing or Achatina Paste, 20 Metal Ingots or Scrap Metal Ingots, and 50 Corrupted Nodule, Polymer, or Organic Polymer.

How To Attach Transponder Nodes To Your Tames

After you have a Transponder Tracker in your inventory, you need to craft a Transponder Node and place it onto your tame after equipping the Tracker in your hotbar. You can craft Transponder Nodes after reaching level 66 and unlocking its engram for 20 Engram Points.

Now use a Fabricator or Tek Replicator to craft a Transponder Node using 14 Electronics, 12 Crystal or Primal Crystal, 12 Cementing Paste or Achatina Paste, three Metal Ingots or Scrap Metal Ingots, and ten Corrupted Nodule, Polymer, or Organic Polymer. After attaching the Transponder Node to your tame, you can then use your Transponder Tracker to track any tames that have nodes attached to them.

Console Commands

Console Commands are usable in single-player sessions and private servers if you're an admin. Although many players don't have access to them due to playing on official or private servers, they're a useful tool you can use to find a lost tame if you can use them. After opening up the console menu, you can then kill all the wild creatures on the map, then teleport to any of your tamed dinosaurs

To use this method, first type "DestroyWildDinos" in the console. Next, you'll need to find out the ID of the tame you lost, then type "GetAllState <Creature ID>" to find the tame. Check this website to find out the ID of your dinosaur.

Once you type the previous command, you'll get a list of that variety of tames that exist around the map, and you can then teleport to any of them. Now type "TeleportToActorLocation <Ceature ID + _Number>" to teleport yourself to your tame. You'll need to enter the ID of the specific dinosaur and the number of your individual tame when using this command.

You'll now be next to your tame, however, you shouldn't teleport to a lost creature that's flying high above the ground without bringing a parachute or using the "GCM" command to turn on creative mode, otherwise, you'll fall to your death.

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