Battlefield story campaign in the works at EA's new Seattle studio

A blog post detailing the future of Battlefield confirms a new campaign game and the departure of the series’ creative director.

Amongst the many reasons fans were upset with Battlefield 2042, was its lack of a single-player campaign.

It looks like EA took notice of this as a ‘narrative campaign set in the Battlefield universe’ is confirmed to be in the works, albeit not at series developer DICE.

Instead, a newly formed Seattle studio called Ridgeline Games is helming the project, with Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto in charge.

There were already signs that this would be the case as last year, Lehto was hired specifically to head a Battlefield team that would focus more on storytelling.

Back in July, job ads for the Seattle studio were looking for people to work on a ‘masterfully designed single-player campaign.’

DICE is expected to continue working on Battlefield 2042, while Ripple Effect Studios will handle its own Battlefield game that will ‘complement and build upon the series’ foundations.’

This comes from a blog post by Byron Beede, senior vice president and general manager of the Battlefield series.

‘Marcus [Lehto] will bring his long legacy of creating fascinating worlds and gripping narratives to Battlefield,’ it reads.

‘Backed by a world-class team, he’ll be leading the charge to develop a narrative campaign set in the Battlefield universe that will engage fans in new and exciting ways while remaining true to the classic elements of the series.’

Strangely, Beede never refers to Ridgeline Games’ project as a separate game. He has previously said that the studio would expand the story of Battlefield 2042 so, unless plans have changed, this could be a story campaign for Battlefield 2042 or perhaps some kind of standalone release.

Either that or Ridgeline Games is only working on the campaign portion of the next game, since it’s unlikely EA would release a new Battlefield without any multiplayer component.

Speaking of the future of Battlefield, the blog post also reveals that creative director Lars Gustavsson is leaving the series and EA.

Gustavsson has been with DICE for 22 years, so he’s worked on the series as creative director since the very first game.

It isn’t said what he intends to do next, only that he’s ‘decided he is ready for a new adventure’ and ‘proud to have helped shape the franchise into what it is today.’

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