Bayonetta 3 Secret Chapter Guide Walkthrough

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Bayonetta 3 brings a new adventure for the beloved umbra witch and her associates, involving a fight across the multiverse in the search of some mysterious artifacts that can help to save al existence. However, that's not the only objective.

One of the few secret unlockables the game has comes in the form of an old book with three locks. Once you get the corresponding keys, a surprise will show up! Here we'll tell you how to unlock it.

How To Unlock The Secret Chapter

First off, you must obtain the Old book. This item will be available for 1000 Halos in Rodin's shop once you're done with Chapter 1. Buy the book from him, and the three keys will become available to be found across several chapters.

Key Location #1

The first key can be found in Chapter 1, in Ginnungagap. Once you finish with Verse #4, jump into the platform with flowers located straight ahead, but do not continue. Turn to your left, and you will see a blue key floating up in the air. Once you go back to the chapter select screen, the first lock will open.

Key Location #2

The second key can be found in Chapter 4, in Ginnungagap. Make your way across the chaos rift until you can see the multiversal portal, then turn around and look at the mount behind you. Use whatever means necessary to reach the top, and you will find a green key levitating in this Lotus Field (you will also get a Bewitchment for doing this). It is highly recommended to use the beast form of the G-Pillar weapon to achieve this, and once you go back to the chapter select screen, the second lock will open.

Key Location #3

The final key can be found in Chapter 13, once again in Ginnungagap. At the beginning of this section, you will have to jump from platform to platform as the ground collapses, until you find a pathway with stable ground. This will lead you to a spiral path that goes upward, and another portion of collapsing platforms will show up. Do not continue yet, and instead jump into the first and the second platform and back to the stable ground. You will see the final red key revealed after the second platform falls, and you can glide to obtain it. Once you go back to the chapter select screen, the third and final lock will open.

Secret Chapter Walkthrough And Rewards

Once you go back to the Chapter Selection screen, the book will finally open and you will be prompted to enter the secret chapter. This particularly different stage narrates the story of a little Bayonetta and her journey across a mysterious forest. With a different aesthetic and tone from the rest of the game, you will interact with some Inferno Flowers in rhythm game-like sequences, but this story will be abruptly cut right before a fight, ending in a "To Be Continued?" screen.

However, you have one more thing you can do during this chapter. If you wanna unlock a secret costume, you must interact with 3 Inferno Flowers and then go back to the very beginning. A chest will be waiting for you with the Super Mirror 0 inside.

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