Bayonetta 3 voice actress implies she's not returning for third game

Comments from the voice actor behind Bayonetta have fans worried that she hasn’t come back for the upcoming third game.

Fans of Bayonetta have been starved for information regarding the stylish witch’s third adventure, Bayonetta 3, ever since its teaser trailer announcement in 2017.

The only news we’ve had are constant reiterations that the game isn’t cancelled, with developer PlatinumGames recently stating that it’s up to Nintendo when it gets to show the game off again.

As if fans weren’t anxious about the state of Bayonetta 3 already, comments from Hellena Taylor, Bayonetta’s voice actress, suggests that she hasn’t been brought back to reprise the role.

Recently, Taylor expressed gratitude to her fans on Twitter. When one such fan said they couldn’t imagine Bayonetta without Taylor’s voice, she responded ‘Well you might have to.’ She added that she is bound by a confidentiality clause, meaning she legally can’t confirm if she has been replaced or not.

Given her iconic status, the question becomes why she would be replaced at all, especially since she’s clearly still happy to voice the character. However, it’s been suggested that it could be due to Taylor being part of a voice actors union.

Nintendo has a tendency to only use non-union actors and while it’s unclear if they’re that involved with the minutiae of Bayonetta 3’s development it could be one explanation for Taylor not returning.

As pointed out in the replies to one of Taylor’s tweets, a similar thing has happened once before with Nintendo. Ali Hillis voiced the character Palutena in Kid Icarus: Uprising, but not in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS & Wii or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In 2018, Hillis explained that this was because Nintendo went with a non-union dub for the Super Smash Bros. games.

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