Bayonetta 3: Who Is Viola?

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Viola is a main playable character in Bayonetta 3. Prior to the release of the game, we were given a mysterious glance at Viola from the back, and many thought that she was somehow related to Vergil from the Devil May Cry series.

Of course, this proved to be untrue, but who exactly is Viola? Even as a main character, we don't learn the most about her. Here, we are going to do a deep-dive into Viola, learning who she is and how she is related to the other characters in Bayonetta 3. Let's first take a look at how we encounter Viola in the story.

Meeting Viola

We meet Viola at the start of the game; however, this takes place in another dimension. In this opening scene, Viola and an alternate Sigurd watch as their version of Bayonetta is killed.

The scene ends with Viola promising to come back before heading through a portal, which takes her right to Enzo's car. After a dramatic opening, Viola lays it all out; the multiverse exists, and she needs help collecting the Chaos Gears to stop Singularity from destroying it.

In Viola's world, she worked alongside Sigurd, so when in the Bayonetta 3 main universe, she tells them to seek out their version of him. From here, the main plot of Bayonetta starts, as you are tasked to seek all five Chaos Gears and find Dr. Sigurd.

Viola's Family

Over the course of the game, we learn that Viola is the child of Bayonetta and Luka from another dimension, referred to as the β0 versions.

Bayonetta β0 is probably not the same Bayonetta from the first game. In a 2017 trailer showing Bayonetta β0, her guns said 'Whittingham Fair' instead of 'Scarborough Fair.'

Evidence of this includes her Witch Time ability, which is linked to Umbran Witches. Like Luka, Viola also uses a grappling hook in midair.

Cheshire also helps show us the connection between Viola, Luka, and Bayonetta. In the first game, young Cereza held on to a little doll named Cheshire, which was similar in appearance to Viola's Cheshire, especially when he is inactive, appearing as a little charm on Viola's weapon. Additionally, this is the nickname that Bayonetta calls Luka.

What Dimension Is Viola From?

Viola is from a different dimension, which means that the Bayonetta and Luka that we know are not her true parents.

Overall, we don't know much about where Viola comes from. We just know that in her original world, Bayonetta β0 and Luka β0 were together and loved Viola dearly. In the future, we may learn more about Viola's origins.

Viola The Faerie

If Viola is the daughter of Luka, does that mean that she is a faerie? In the game, we see Viola 'awaken' her faerie form, with a similar coloring to Strider, who is actually Luka.

In the first two Bayonetta games, Luka has not awakened to his faerie powers, but that doesn't mean he didn't have any. For Viola to have faerie powers, it makes sense that her father would need to have them, since Bayonetta was already an Umbra Witch.

This could mean that all Lukas across the universe have faerie abilities, but only some have control over the power. With this in mind, Viola's faerie powers don't just appear, they were already there.

After collecting all three keys for the Old Picture Book, you can play through a secret chapter as young Cereza in Avalon Forest, where the faerie king Lukaon is from. This may be explored in the future, allowing us to learn more about Viola and her relation to the faeries.

Cheshire And Viola

As she is part Umbran Witch, it makes sense that Viola has the ability to summon a demon to fight alongside her. This is not the case for Cheshire though.

It's emphasized in Cheshire's entry in the Book of Infernal Demons that Cheshire is not bound to Viola by a contract; instead, he voluntarily fights with her and refuses to return to Inferno.

Cheshire may not be the typical Infernal Demon, though. He could instead be connected to the faeries, rather than Infernal Demons.

Within Irish mythology, we can find a faerie cat called Cait Sith, which may be the inspiration for Cheshire. From Lukaon's character description, we learn that faeries are hidden in the human world, but there are some mentions of them in mythology and folklore.

This could mean that the Cait Sith we know is actually Cheshire, making him a faerie. This wouldn't be completely out of the question, due to Viola being related to the fairies.

The Next Bayonetta

In the final scene of the game, we learn that Viola has adopted the title of Bayonetta. This comes after both Luka and Bayonetta were dragged down into Inferno. Although they are not present in the human world and Viola is now 'Bayonetta,' this doesn't mean that they are gone for good.

During this scene, Rodin mentions speaking with Luka in Inferno. In DLC or a future game, it's very likely that we play as Viola to rescue the two from Inferno, similar to how Jeanne was rescued in the second game.

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