Beginner Tips For Playing Rakan In Wild Rift

Rakan is the second half of the double-teaming smash duo – Rayah and Rakan. Where Rayah is all about DPS, Rakan is all about supporting. Rakan and Rayah can both operate without the other in League Of Legends: Wild Rift, but they are especially good when together.

As is always the case, victory in Wild Rift is largely a team effort. Going solo and trying to win the game won’t go well, so communicating with your allies and working together will serve you way better than simply mastering mechanics. Plus, as Rakan is a Support, he is very dependent on his team – and vice versa.

Rakan is a Support Champion and is, therefore, designed to team up with your team's Marksman. You will typically find Rakan in the Duo lane.

Know Your Skills

Passive/Active Skills

Fey Feathers (Passive Skill)Rakan gains a scaling Health Shield every 40s, with attacks reducing that cooldown. Additionally, Rakan and Rayah can join each other's recall, allowing them to return to the Summoning Portal at the same time.
Gleaming QuillRakan throws out a damaging projectile. If this hits a Champion or Elite Monster, then Rakan will heal over time. Nearby allies will also benefit from this heal, as well as allies Rakan touches.
Grand EntranceRakan dashes to a location. On arrival he will leap into the air, knocking up and damaging nearby enemies. This can be used as an escape, or an engagement due to the distance travelled and the CC applied.
Battle DanceRakan flies to the target ally and grants them a shield. This shield can be reapplied within a short period. The shield is more potent if it is cast on Rayah.
The Quickness (Ultimate Skill)Rakan gains a powerful Movement Speed buff. If Rakan touches an enemy, they become charmed and the Movement Speed buff is reduced. Touching enemies also deals damage in addition to all other effects.

What Attacks To Charge First

  1. Firstly, you want to communicate with your Marksman. If you are going aggressive, then you want to take Grand Entrance as this Attack is your only CC. Normally, however, you will want to play it safe. As a result, taking Gleaming Quill is a much safer option as it heals you and your Marksman and deals respectable poke damage.
  2. After this, you will want to take either Grand Entrance or Battle Dance. Either will do, and you will follow up with your third attack being the one you didn’t pick.
  3. Once you have all of your core Attacks unlocked, you will want to prioritise Gleaming Quill. Gleaming Quill is a great poke, and the heal is very handy – more so than the shield in most instances. Plus, it has a shorter cooldown.
  4. Once Gleaming Quill is maxed, move onto Battle Dance, and finally, Grand Entrance.
  5. Prioritise The Quickness whenever you can as your Ultimate Attack should always take precedence.

Learning About Item Loadouts

Tank Enchanter

Tank Enchanter is Rakan’s default loadout. It will give Rakan some early game defences, making him hard to shit before moving into some slightly more aggressive picks later on. Rakan is not a damage dealer, so don’t expect much in terms of burst after the first initial bouts of combat.

Protector’s VowThis item grants excellent tanking stats for Rakan, boosting his Health, and Armour, whilst also buffing his Haste. Not only that, but it passively applies Protector. Whenever you or a nearby ally take damage, a Shield will be applied to you both.
Zeke’s ConvergenceZeke’s grants buffs to Armour, Magic Resistance, Mana, and Haste, making it a great defensive item. Outside of this, it also enhances your Ultimate, applying buffs to your allies, and debuffs to your enemies.
Ionian LocketThis locket boosts Movement Speed and Haste, whilst also improving Cooldown times and granting a powerful active Shield.
Harmonic EchoHarmonic Echo is a great item that buffs everything Rakan wants to do. Not only does it boost Ability Power, Mana, and Haste, but it also increases Rakan’s ability to heal his allies thanks to its unique Passive.
Ardent CenserThis item boosts Health, Ability Power, and Haste as well as buffing Movement Speed slightly. Ardent Censer also applies an Attack Speed and damage buff to nearby allies whenever Rakan heals or shields an ally.
Winter’s ApproachGain bonus Health, Mana, and Haste, in addition to even more bonus Health in relation to Max Mana. Winter’s Approach increases in Mana gain per attack Rakan makes and will eventually transform into Fimbulwinter once he reaches the cap of +700 Mana.

Ambush Enchanter

The main difference between Ambush Enchanter and Tank Enchanter is that Ambush pushes for a more aggressive item set early, before finishing with some tankier items. This loadout is for a more aggressive lane where you want to bully your opponent.

Ardent CenserSame as above.
Harmonic EchoSame as above.
Ionian RedemptionBonus Movement Speed and Haste. Redemption also improves Cooldown and has an Active element that deals damage, reveals locations, and heals allies.
Staff Of Flowing WaterBonus to Ability Power, Mana, and Haste. Additionally, gain bonus Haste and Ability Power whenever you Heal or Shield an Ally.
Athene’s Unholy GrailGain bonus Ability Power, Magic Resistance, and Haste, in addition to a powerful healing buff.
Protector’s VowSame as above.

Quick Note About Spells

Exhaust allows you to target an enemy Champion debuffing their Movement Speed and damage. This is excellent at shutting down an enemy Marksman.

Flash is a must-take escape tool that lets you teleport away, or towards, danger. This makes it excellent at avoiding ambushes and hopping over walls.

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