Best Buy Canada Throws Shade At Sony Over PlayStation 5 Delivery Delays

Well, today is the day. The PS5 launches online, but not in stores because Sony doesn’t want everyone to catch COVID just so they can play the new Assassin’s Creed in beautiful 4K. That means most people have pre-ordered their PS5 online through an associated retailer, and in Canada, that usually means Best Buy.

This also means that eager Canadians might not be getting their new PlayStations today after all.

“We know you’re super excited to get your new console. For your peace of mind, we wanted to let you know that your order has shipped out and will be delivered as soon as possible,” reads an email sent to Best Buy customers who ordered PS5s. The email comes courtesy of Twitter user @Lbabinz who likes to stay on top of the latest deals in Canadian gaming.

But while the email started as a simple confirmation of shipping, it quickly pivoted to throwing the blame at Sony for not accounting for mailing times. “If you feel like your order is taking longer than expected, please keep in mind that strict Sony regulations state that products cannot be delivered before release date.”

Sadly, Canadian postal services are as overburdened as everywhere else thanks to the increase in online shopping due to the pandemic, and that means some Best Buy customers aren’t getting their PS5s until next week. One isn’t even getting theirs until next Wednesday.

It appears that Sony may be actively preventing PS5s from being mailed out before release day in order to ensure that nobody gets a PS5 before November 12. Which, as the above examples show, can suck for people who don’t live in an urban center right next to a Best Buy shipping warehouse.

To our fellow Canadians, we’re sorry you’re not getting your PS5 on time. But hey, look on the bright side: at least you won’t have to worry about comparing your framerates to the new Xbox.

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