Best Nintendo Switch Carrying Cases And Bags For 2020

As a console that can be played both on a TV and in handheld mode, the Nintendo Switch console occupies a unique space. Sure, you could choose to leave the Switch console in the dock forever and only play with one of the many great Switch controllers, but chances are you also like popping out of the Switch dock the convenience and portability of Nintendo’s nifty gadget. That’s why finding the best Switch case should be one of your top priorities after you buy a Switch. You should take care to protect your Nintendo Switch console from damage, after all–a simple screen protector won’t cover every kind of accident, after all. And if you own the handheld-only Switch Lite, it’s arguably even more important to pick up a nice carrying case. We’ve rounded up our picks for the best Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite case you can buy today, and a significant number of them are a bargain, honestly.

In addition suggestions for the best Nintendo Switch case, we’ve also included the best Switch grips that make playing any Nintendo Switch game handheld mode more comfortable, backpacks, and messenger bags for comprehensive travel options, and shells to snap on while playing. We’ve separated the Nintendo Switch cases from Switch Lite options, so make sure you grab a case that fits your model. After picking out the best Nintendo Switch case for you, take a look at our best Nintendo Switch accessories guide to find more helpful products for your Switch.

Quick look: Best Nintendo Switch Cases

  • Tomtoc Carry Case — $20
  • RDS Industries Game Traveler Deluxe System Case — $27
  • HyperX ChargePlay Clutch — $55.59
  • Skull & Co. Grip Case Set — $40
  • Orzly Switch Lite Accessories Bundle — $40
  • JETech Switch Lite grip case — $15

…and more

The Nintendo Switch console has become a hot commodity over the past few months due to limited stock and increased interest while more people are staying at home. While it’s still quite challenging to find a Switch console, the Switch Lite is restocked at least a couple of times per week. We’ve been keeping track of Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite stock, so make sure to check out our guide to finding a Switch if you’re looking for one. GameStop also sometimes has Switch bundles that include games and accessories.

Once you have your case, grip, bag, screen protector, or other accessory ready, make sure to check out the best Switch games. If you’re looking for more to do buy besides Nintendo Switch accessories, be sure to browse our lists of the best PS4 games, best Xbox One games, best workout out games, and. And if you’re looking for more tech and entertainment, take a look at our picks of the best VR headsets, and best cheap gaming chair, the best free streaming services, as well as our guide to building a PC.

The prices shown below indicate a product’s standard list price and may not reflect any current discounts or other fluctuations.

Best Nintendo Switch Cases

RDS Industries Deluxe Travel Case | $20

Officially licensed by Nintendo, the RDS Industries Deluxe Travel Case is a great option. With recesses designed specifically to house the Switch with Joy-Con, you don’t have to worry about your console moving around. The hard shell design protects the Switch from drops, and it also comes with a zippered mesh pocket to store small accessories, a pair of plastic cases that hold four games each, and two microSD card cases. This Nintendo Switch case is available in plain black, Zelda-themed, and Mario Kart-themed.

Tomtoc Carry Case | $20

A slim-fitting case that mimics the look of the Switch itself, this Tomtoc hard shell case is ideal for those looking for something that won’t take up much room in their backpack. Despite being so small, it still has an insert to store up to 10 games. It’s available in gray, black, pink, camouflage, and red.

Orzly Carry Case | $15

Orzly’s hard shell Nintendo Switch carrying case comes with a substantial mesh pouch that is big enough to store two pairs of additional Joy-Con and a charging cable (and maybe even an HDMI cable, if you’re feeling fancy). It also has an eight-card insert to store games.

Hori Alumi Case | $25

Hori’s officially licensed Alumi Case has a slick metal exterior that protects your console from drops. It’s minimalistic on the inside, with just a five-card insert to store games, so it’s definitely more of a protective case. The real draw of Hori’s Nintendo Switch case is the Nintendo-themed designs featuring Zelda, Mario, or Pikachu, each of which really pop.

PDP Deluxe Travel Case | $12.08

PDP’s Deluxe Travel Case comes in three styles: gray, Pikachu, and Poke Ball. It’s ideal for those with larger libraries of games, as it holds a whopping 14 game cartridges. The hard shell Nintendo Switch case also has a mesh pouch to store earbuds, cleaning cloths, and small cables as well as a strap to lock Joy-Con sliders into place. PDP’s travel case is also officially licensed by both Nintendo and The Pokemon Company.

ProCase Traveling Case | $16

This hard shell Nintendo Switch case is built with shock resistant polyester, has a spacious mesh pouch, and includes an attached cartridge holder to store up to eight games. The Switch fits snugly, with recessed slots for the Joy-Con, and nylon straps to hold the console in place. While it’s not much to look at, it gets the job done and has a non-slip handle.

Cityslicker Leather Case | $79

Arguably the most stylish Nintendo Switch case out there, Cityslicker’s leather case comes in blue, black, chocolate, crimson, and grizzly. It’s significantly more expensive than most cases on this list at $79, but hey, it’s formal enough to take into a Wall Street office. The case has a spacious zippered pocket to store small accessories, and you can add extra features like matching game card holders and straps.

RDS Industries Game Traveler Deluxe System Case | $27

For ultimate safety when traveling with your full Switch setup, RDS Industries Deluxe Travel System Case is your best bet. It has dedicated slots for the console, dock, cables, and an extra controller (Joy-Con with grip or Pro controller). The Deluxe System Switch case is officially licensed by Nintendo and comes with a pair of four-card game cases.

HyperX ChargePlay Clutch | $55.59

HyperX’s ChargePlay Clutch doubles as a portable charging dock to give your Switch extra juice during your commutes. The grip case has a 6,000mAh extended battery that adds up to five hours of playtime. The ChargePlay bulks up the Switch to make it more comfortable to hold for extended sessions. Alternatively, you can separate the console stand from the Joy-Con stand to play in tabletop mode or simply charge your devices. The ChargePlay is one of the best Nintendo Switch grips you can buy.

JETech Grip Case | $17

If you find playing the Switch in handheld mode uncomfortable, grip cases can work wonders. JETech’s Nintendo Switch grip case is budget-friendly while adding nice back grips that make playing for extended periods of time less stressful on your hands. It also lets you grip the console in a more natural way, especially if you have big hands. This Nintendo Switch case comes in four colors: black, green, blue, and plum.

Mumba Dockable Grip Case | $18

Mumba’s Nintendo Switch grip case has the added benefit of being dockable, so you don’t have to remove it when playing in console mode. The clear back panel design lets you still see the Switch logo, while the grip itself is wonderfully ergonomic. Also, the case is scratch and shock resistant.

Skull & Co. Grip Case Set | $40

Skull & Co.’s Nintendo Switch grip is easily one of the best around, as it comes with three interchangeable handles to help make it comfortable no matter who is playing. It also increases the size of the ZL/ZR triggers, which is great considering the default Joy-Con triggers are a tad small. This particular set also includes a Nintendo Switch case with 10 game card slots and a mesh pocket, but you need to remove the console from the grip to use it. While the Switch is technically dockable with the grip attached, it’s a really tight fit.

Fyoung Clear Shell | $16

If you’re mainly worried about scratches and dings, Fyoung’s clear shell Nintendo Switch case preserves the look of the console while protecting it from casual wear and tear. This plastic case covers the entire console while retaining the ability to dock the Switch for console mode. It’s not extremely heavy duty, nor does it have the egonomic feel of grip cases on this list, but it’s a nice option for those who want to keep the out-of-the-box look.

Satisfye Slim Bundle | $48

Satisfye’s Switch grip is one of our favorites, and this bundle is a worthwhile investment. It comes with the stellar ergonomic grip and a Nintendo Switch carrying case specifically designed to carry the Switch while it’s in the grip. The hard shell case can also hold 10 games.

PDP System Backpack | $80

If you’re shopping for a backpack, you may want to consider PDP’s Elite Switch System Backpack. Specially designed to hold the Nintendo Switch, Pro controller, dock, and cables, this backpack would be great for anyone who regularly takes their Switch with them on trips. It also has a dedicated laptop compartment and a front zippered pocket to store other small essentials.

PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag | $27

For those who favor messenger bags, PowerA has a nice option. The Everywhere Messenger Bag has cozy compartments for the dock, cables, Pro controller, and console–though we’d still recommend storing the Switch in a hard shell Nintendo Switch case to be safe. It comes in black, Super Mario-themed, and Zelda-themed.

Hori Adventure Pack Travel Bag | $25

Hori’s Adventure Pack is a compact shoulder bag that safely stores your Switch, dock, controllers, cables, and other accessories. Plus it comes in four cool designs: Poke Ball, Pikachu, Zelda, and Super Mario.

Best Nintendo Switch Lite cases

Orzly Switch Lite Accessories Bundle | $40

Basically a starter kit for your Switch Lite, Orzly’s accessory bundle is an incredible value. It comes with a grip case with attached kickstand, a Nintendo Switch Lite carrying case that holds eight games and plenty of accessories in its pair of mesh pockets, and much more. You get two tempered glass screen protectors, a stylus (great for Super Mario Maker 2), a game cartridge case, earbuds, USB-C charging cable, and six thumb grips. If you recently bought a Switch Lite, this bundle is arguably the best you can get for your money at $40. It comes in several colors, including blue, gray, pink, red, yellow, and black. The black bundle only costs $35, too.

Ztotop Carrying Case | $12

A solid Switch Lite travel case at bargain price, the Ztotop carrying case safely stores your Switch while offering a surprising amount of room for accessories thanks to a mesh pocket and cartridge holder to store up to 10 games. It comes in several colors, including gray, blue, and black.

Tomtoc Slim Carry Case | $19

Best for those looking for a sleek Nintendo Switch Lite case, Tomtoc’s hard shell carry case offers military-grade protection without the bulk. That said, it still has an insert to hold up to eight game cartridges.

ButterFox Slim Compact | $15

ButterFox’s Slim Compact Case is ergonomically designed to store the Switch and keep it in place without taking up much room at all. It’s also loaded with a surprising amount of storage space, as it’s capable of holding 19 games, two microSD cards, and small accessories in the zippered mesh pocket. The case also comes in a bunch of different colors, including gray, yellow, pink, and turquoise to match the four Switch Lite models.

ProCase Carrying Bag | $17-21

ProCase’s carrying pouch resembles a wallet, which makes it quite a bit different than most of the cases on this list. While it won’t provide as much protection against drops, it does have an appealing look. The carrying pouch has five game card slots, too. It’s available in turquoise and yellow.

Nintendo Flip Cover | $40

Nintendo’s Flip Cover keeps both the front and back of the Switch safe much like Apple’s Smart covers for iPads. Simply flip it over to play without detaching the case. The convenient design keeps the screen free of dust when not in use.

JETech Grip Cover | $15

JETech also makes a great grip case for the Switch Lite. Crucially, it’s clear, so you can still see the snazzy yellow, turquoise, coral, or gray finish on your console while using it.

Mumba Grip | $18

Almost identical in design to Mumba’s Switch grip, this Switch Lite grip case bolsters the ergonomics of your Switch Lite while retaining access to all of the essential ports and keeping the majority of the finish exposed but safe from scratches.

Satisfye Grip and Case bundle | $43

Satisfye’s Switch Lite grip mirrors the excellent design of the regular Switch grip, which makes it a no-brainer if you’re looking to add some extra comfort to your Switch Lite. Its ergonomic design really does make a huge difference, especially for those with larger hands. This bundle comes with a hard shell case that is large enough to fit the Switch Lite while attached to the grip. Alternatively, you can buy the grip by itself for $27.

Hori DuraFlexi Protector | $13

Hori’s DuraFlexi Protector covers the entire Switch Lite with clear plastic to keep the console safe from scratches and dings. It easily snaps on and off, making it an ideal choice for those who are happy with the original design but want a little more peace of mind.

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