Bethesda Teases A Possible Elder Scrolls Online Sea Elves Expansion

The Sea Elves are coming! We think. Bethesda has teased us with a video of a stormy sea and the caption, "A storm is on the horizon." It is believed the company is building hype for an Elder Scrolls Online expansion that will heavily feature Sea Elves, also known as the Maormer.

The last large story expansion for ESO came around this time last year, January 26, 2021. It makes sense that this new content being teased is a full-on expansion then, not just a small addition. Sea Elves are already featured in the Elder Scrolls Online, and fans have been wanting to learn more about them for a while. It seems your wishes may have been granted.

The Sea Elves hail from the continent of Pyandonea, located to the south of the Summerset Isles, home to the Altmer, or High Elves. The Sea Elves have a pale complexion with milky eyes and are able to command sea serpents to use as mounts and warbeasts. You wouldn't want to see a bunch of those approaching the shore, that's for sure.

The Sea Evles are led by a supposedly immortal king, Orgnum, believed to be the Serpent God Satakal, which would explain why these elves can tame sea serpents. The Sea Evles are long-time rivals of the High Elves, and have for centuries attempted to conquer Summerset and take it for themselves. This upcoming expansion could feature a full-on war along the coastlines of the High Elves' homeland.

The Elder Scrolls online consistently receives large story updates, having had one each year since 2017. The game is very different to what it was when it launched, but new players can still get involved thanks to TheGamer's ESO beginners guide.

Now, thanks to the One Tamriel update, players can explore every part of the game free from any level restrictions, meaning you can tackle each DLC as you purchase it rather than having to stick to a specific order – although we also have a guide for how to play the ESO chronologically if you want.

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