Black Desert Celebrates One Year Of Crossplay With 1000 Free Cron Stones And New Star’s End Region

Black Desert is celebrating one year of crossplay between Xbox One and PS4 with a massive anniversary event – offering a new region and over 1000 free Cron Stones. Star’s End will house powerful monsters just northwest of Calpheon, and you’ll accrue Cron Stones every ten minutes while playing until March 17.

There’s a limit to how many Cron Stones you can earn, however, with Pearl Abyss capping the event at 1004. Every ten minutes for the first hour of daily game time you’ll get 10 Cron Stones, although there are a few events on the weekend that will grant you both additional Cron Stones and Advice of Valks.

If you’re looking to venture into Star’s End, you’ll want to have an AP of at least 260 and defeat Remnants of Corruption as soon as they appear. These mysterious beings reduce your DP, making them a nuisance on the battlefield. You’ll also find Apostles of Malevolence – one of the strongest mobs in the area – which will disappear if not defeated in under 5 minutes. There’s a good reason to brave the dangerous area, as you’ll have a better chance of finding Mass of Pure Magic in Star’s End than any other monster zones.

The crossplay anniversary event also comes with new quests, weapons, and gear. To see a full rundown of the new items, check out the official Black Desert patch notes.

Beyond free Cron Stones and a new region, Pearl Abyss also brought a few big quality of life improvements. You’ll now find an improved menu that lets you register more shortcuts, a graph in the market menu that shows price fluctuations in the Central Marketplace, and the ability to visit the residence of adventures from either Xbox One or PS4 – regardless of your console of choice.

Best of all, you can now sell all your junk items at once. Just click the new “Sell” button in your inventory when talking to a merchant to offload all your unwanted gear.

Black Desert is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5. You can also find it on PC, although it’s not crossplay compatible with its console siblings.

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