Black Desert Mobile Announces New Region, Hadum’s Realm

Black Desert Mobile fans are in for a treat with the release of the new Hadum’s Realm region. With a new region comes the addition of new events, quests, and loot to claim. Those that are new to Black Desert Mobile should be happy to know that the game is free.

Enter Hadum’s Realm

During a developer Q&A stream, the team behind Black Desert Mobile revealed that Hadum’s Realm introduces a new boss, the evil goddess Hadum, alongside new quests.  Some of the new events coming to Black Desert Mobile include The Omen of Darkness. During Omen of Darkness, you can earn new items and totems, which can be redeemed at Orwen’s shop for new armor or weapons. You will also be able to equip totems onto your characters and enchant using Magical Essence. The new totem item will be able to farm through monster drops in Spoils of Battles or purchased at the Pearl Store if you are at level 50 or higher.

In addition to exciting events, there also comes the addition of the Tier 8 town hall that will expand your territory and help harvest more resources. Now is a great time to start hoarding and saving any lightstone and crystals as recent patch notes are beginning to hint at a new way to spend lightstones. New items with exciting powers will be able to be crafted using abyssal crystals. Additionally, new enemies will be added, like the upcoming Savage Giant Ogre boss encounter.

More events and celebratory features will be rolled out in the lead up to the event, so keep your eyes peeled for new content added into the game. There is far more content and features added in the new Black Desert Mobile update, and the developer Q&A is a great in-depth behind the scenes look.

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