Black Desert Online Wants You To Chase Chickens In Bizarre New Quest

Black Desert Online is gearing up for a massive server transition – as it shifts hands from Kakao to Pearl Abyss – but that’s not important right now. Instead, let’s go chase some chickens at Bartali Farm.

The latest patch for Black Desert Online brought loads of new events, bug fixes, and class adjustments, but nothing is nearly as exciting as “Runaway Chicken in the Bartali Farm” – a new recurring quest for all players. Offering a change of pace from the usual magic-slinging and sword-slashing, this quest sees you tracking down a few chickens that flew the coop.

You’ll need to sneak up on them and snatch away their eggs to tire them out. Once they’ve been successfully drained of the will to run, you can scoop them up, throw them in your inventory, and return them to the farm.


Black Desert Online is already a strange game, but this takes things to a new level. Still, there’s good reason to join in on the chicken chasing, as you’ll be rewarded with 200 eggs and 100 Contribution EXP.

There’s a bunch of other great stuff coming to BDO with the new patch, including updates to the game world, class changes, and season server updates. Here’s a bit of what you can now find in the game on PC:

  • Set basic AP of all class summons to match the summoning class’s AP
  • Fixed various areas in the Scarlet Sand Chamber
  • Added quest to graduate from the Winter Season (Talk with Leyla in Velia)
  • Added quest for adventurers who’ve graduated from the season to exchange Tuvala gear for Boss gear
  • Improved character standby animation based on the equipped top outfit

The patch notes are incredibly lengthy this time around – especially when it comes to the new AP settings. Make sure to give them a look to see how it’ll impact your playstyle. There are also a few class-specific changes, although most of them simply deal with wonky animations and “unnatural” appearances.

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