Black Myth: Wukong Emerges With New Gameplay And Cutscene Showcase

Every August since its initial announcement in 2020, Chinese developer Game Science has shown off more from Black Myth: Wukong to its hungry audience. This time around, the studio not only dropped a new look at the title's Soulslike gameplay, but also shared an Unreal Engine 5 in-game cutscene with plenty of intriguing characters.

Set in the 16th century and focused on traditional Chinese folklore, this action-adventure RPG has been a subject of debate for two years, with each new glimpse of Black Myth: Wukong continuing to impress. The last time we heard from the team, Game Science was transitioning to Unreal Engine 5 for the project, so this is our first opportunity to see the developer's progress.

The traditional gameplay demo has been published by Nvidia, showcasing its DLSS technology on par with RTX capabilities. Aside from those fancy graphics and particle effects, we got another taste of Black Myth's gameplay, featuring bosses of all shapes and sizes, a wide array of Monkey King's special abilities, exploration of the environment, updated UI, and several menu systems, including inventory.

The second preview we got is a six-minute-long cutscene, introducing the number of unfamiliar characters. From the looks of it, Black Myth will have a bigger emphasis on the story than some fans might have originally expected.

According to the official website, the work on Wukong started over six years ago, with developers working "countless nights overtime." The idea behind unveiling Black Myth at such an early stage of development was to attract more talent to the studio and carry the ambitious vision forward. It is unknown whether Game Science managed to overcome the crunch after its initial reveal.

However, a major concern for Black Myth: Wukong still remains: will the title ever see the light of day? It's pretty hard not to be impressed by what the studio has already shown, yet there's still no launch window in sight. Hopefully, things will become more transparent soon, and the game will eventually live up to the hype.

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