Black Ops: Cold War – Complete Guide To “Seal The Deal” Zombies Easter Egg

Getting through the entirety of the “Seal the Deal” Questline in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies map is tough, just like most of its Easter eggs. There are a lot of steps involved & a lot of ways players can mess it up or get lost.

So, in order to help people get this done before the next map comes out, here’s our full guide.

Starting Things Off Right

First and foremost, bring a high/max level gun with the best attachments, there’s literally no reason why a player should bring anything else.

Save Up & Turn The Power On

Right off the bat, don’t worry about this Easter Egg until the power’s turned on. Typically, it costs between 8,000 & 9,000 Zombie Essence to get to the Power Console in the Particle Accelerator Room, so save up until then.

Go To The Dark Aether, Grab The Machine Part, And Build A Pack-A-Punch

After the power turns on, a Dark Aether Anamoly spawns right in the middle of the room. Take it. After teleporting to the Dark Aether, a waypoint should show up that points players to an Aether Tunnel. This specific one can spawn in a couple of locations, primarily either at the back of Pond or in Crash Site. Then:

  • Ride this tunnel (needs 500 Essence)
  • Grab the Spectral Machine Part
  • Take it back to the Spectral Pack-A-Punch Machine in the Particle Accelerator Room

After that, the Pack-A-Punch machine is available for the rest of the run.

Kill The Megaton & Pick Up The Keycard

Once players build the Pack-A-Punch machine, the first Megaton spawns on the map not long after. It always seems to pop up within the next round or so. Kill it & grab the Keycard it drops.

Use The Keycard In Weapons Bay

Take this newly obtained Keycard to this blinking drawer in Weapon Lab. For those struggling to find it, the drawer is directly across from where the Random Weapons spawn location in this room.

Activate The D.I.E. Machine Remotely

Take the D.I.E Remote Controller to this locked closet in Living Room.

Go up to the wall on the right side of the room, and press the interact button to remote activate the D.I.E Machine.

Trick Enough Zombies Into Getting Their Soul Sucked Out

Once the D.I.E Machine turns on, it’ll start sucking in everything that comes near the door, including the souls and/or Essence of any passing Zombies. Don’t worry, it can’t hurt the player at all. In any case, players just need to simply kite Zombies around this area until it’s charged:

  • It can run out of suction, once it does, it cools down for about 2-3 minutes.
  • This is a pretty bad choke spot, be careful.
  • Not every zombie is killed when walking past this door, it misses a few.

Fire The D.I.E Machine & Pick It Up

Once it’s fully charged, players just need to interact with the hole in the wall again and the D.I.E Shockwave will fire, blasting the door off the hinges. Then, players can go in (when the coast is clear) & grab this pretty-amazing Wunder Weapon.

Take D.I.E Machine & Use It To Blast Box From Rooftop

As soon as the player has the D.I.E Machine, this Easter Egg really opens up. Go to Penthouse & shoot this box off the building specifically with the D.I.E Machine.

Grab The Empty Flask

Said box lands next to the truck in Pond & busts open, revealing an Empty Flask (that somehow doesn’t break), pick it up.

Activate The Tree Fungus

After grabbing the flask, this next part requires waiting for another Megaton. Once one is nearby, stand next to this tree in Pond on the side with the patch of fungus growing on it, wait until the Megaton launches its projectile, causing the Fungus on the tree to glow purple, then:

  • The Chemical Reaction of this projectile mixing with the Fungus somehow creates Liquid Nitrogen.
  • Place the Flask underneath the Purple Fungus & wait a minute or two.
  • Pick up the now-full Flask & head toward Med-Bay.

Get The Cryo-Emitter

Take the Flask to Med-Bay & use it on this Weapon Crate against the wall next to the exit that leads to the Particle Accelerator room. The chemical will break the chains which gives players access to the Cryo-Emitter Ammo Capsule.

Suck Up The Empty Cannister

The next step is at the Mezzanine location. At the far end of this floor, there’s an Empty Cannister on the other side of a large hole. Use the suction from the D.I.E Machine while pointing at this Cannister until it flies over, then grab it & head towards Weapons Lab.

Install The Empty Cannister

At Weapons Lab, go down beneath the hanging bomb where the Deadshot Daquiri Perk (everyone’s least favorite one) is located. Then, face the machine & look to the right to see the Cleaning Unit on the far wall next to the stairs that lead up. Put the Cannister in there.

Kill Plaguehound Near Cannister & Get The Nova-5

The next step involves killing a Plaguehound right next to this Cleaning Unit. But, this is also the corner of a tight area, so be cautious with the timing of the Kill. In any case:

  • Kill a Plaguehound near it
  • The gas it releases gets sucked up by the Unit
  • Cannister becomes full of this gas
  • Players can then pick up the Filled Cannister
  • Take the Cannister to the Weapon Crate at Crash Site, against the wall across from the Plane Wing.
  • Install it on top of the Crate
  • Shoot the Cannister
  • Get the Nova-5

Go Into Dark Aether, Build The Aetherscope

The final two elements for the D.I.E Machine aren’t available until this next step is done, so forget about them for a minute. In any case, players need to build the Aetherscope to move on, so head back into the Dark Aether. There are three parts to find & each one spawns Plaguehounds so try & grab all three in one trip if possible. Check each location individually to see if they popped up, the parts spawn one at a time. They’re found at:

  • Crash Site: This part is on the body of the plane accessed by the ramp leading up.
  • Yard: To the left of the Crafting Table right underneath the stairs that lead to nowhere.
  • Particle Accelerator Room: This last part is directly behind where the Aether Tunnel is in the room.

Take all three parts & returning to the real world, go to the unique Crafting Table on the bottom floor of the Particle Accelerator Room. Use this table to build the complete Aetherscope.

Go Back Into Dark Aether, Find The Diary

Another multi-part step:

  • Go back into the Dark Aether
  • Grab Vogel’s Diary from this Computer Desk on the second floor of Med-Bay
  • Run around to find three different Spectral Reflections of Dr. Vogel to give the Diary to.

Spectral Reflection Locations

When each Anomaly is interacted with, a ghostly apparition of Vogel will appear with his hand held out. Give him the Diary, then either listen to what he has to say or move on to the next location.

  • Spectral Reflection Location #1: On the first floor directly underneath the where the Computer Desk would be in Med-Bay.
  • Spectral Reflection Location #2: Next up is the one in the Control Room with the Trial Computer. Look to the right of the Computer to find the next Anamoly near the servers on the wall.
  • Spectral Reflection Location #3: The Final Reflection is conveniently right where the Aetherscope was crafted, at the bottom of the Particle Accelerator room.
  • Leave The Dark Aether & Enter The Password: Head right back to Med-Bay & interact with the computer to input the password. The password will work, but “Der Wechsler” (the name of the capsule hanging in Med-Bay) isn’t ready yet.

Use Specific Dark Aether Portal

The next Dark Aether Portal will always spawn at the bottom of the Particle Accelerator Room, head into it & get ready to run around collecting stuff again.

Suck Up Crystals & Unlock The Electrobolt Capsule

The next Elemental Ammo Capsule requires three shots from a charged D.I.E Machine, which is charged from these Golden Crystals in the Dark Aether. They spawn at:

  • Rooftop: on a little out-of-bounds outcrop to the right of the Wunderfizz machine
  • Crash Site: head towards the tunnel entrance & it’s on the right directly before it.
  • Pond: On a little rock platform in the middle of Pond to the far-right.

After It’s Charged Grab The Electrobolt

To unlock the Electrobolt, these Crystal-charged D.I.E Machine shots must be fired at the Weapon Crate near the Aetherscope Crafting Table:

  • if the player is facing the Crafting Table directly, then the Weapon Crate is in the back right corner of the bottom floor.
  • Only one charged shot can be held at a time, leading to a lot of running back & forth.
  • The lights on the Crate determine how many times it has successfully been charged so far.

Once all three Crystal-Charged shots are unloaded onto the Crate, players can switch to the Electrobolt Ammo Capsule!

Open Fuse-Box At Crash Site, Take The Fuse

Now, onto the final Elemental Ammo Capsule. Next to this Aether Tunnel should be a closed Fuse-Box, shoot it so it opens then grab the Fuse. It’s important to note:

  • Past-Round 15: All three Aether Tunnels should be available in the real world, giving them access to the Fuse-Box.
  • Pre-Round 15: Go through the Aether Portal that should be at Pond, and run towards the Aether Tunnel at Crash Site.

Use The Plasma Cutter In The Dark Aether

While holding the Fuse:

  • Go into the Dark Aether for the 15,000th time.
  • Run back to Weapons Lab.
  • Directly across from Deadshot Daquiri should be a Weapon Crate underneath a Plasma Cutter.
  • Put the Fuse in to turn the Cutter on.
  • Wait until the timer for the Dark Aether runs out.

After Leaving Dark Aether, Get Thermophasic From Weapon Crate On The Truck At Pond

Once the player is back in reality, run to Pond & hop on to the overgrown truck. On the back should be an accessible Weapon Crate that gives the player the Thermophasic Ammo Capsule.

Use All Four D.I.E Machine Elements To Power Der Wechsler

Basically, the “Der Wechsler” Capsule requires power from all four D.I.E Machine Elements. This means players must switch to an element, shoot a specific corner of the Capsule, then go grab the next one. If the player is looking directly at the Capsule from the angle of the computer on second-floor Med-Bay, the order would be as such:

  • Electrobolt: Front-Left
  • Cryo-Emitter: Back-Left
  • Thermophasic: Front-Right
  • Nova-5: Back-Right

Once all four corners are raised, all that’s left for the “Der Wechsler” is the missing Decontamination Agent.

Listen To Some Spectral Soldiers In The Dark Aether

After some NPC dialogue:

  • Another specific Dark Aether Portal spawns, this time outside of Med-Bay
  • Go into the Dark Aether
  • Run back to the upper floor of Med-Bay
  • Find the Spectral Anamoly to the right of the empty “Fuse-Box” outside of the Computer Room

Interact with the Anamoly to hear the story of two soldiers who stole the Decontamination Agent & hid it up a tree. Or, instead of listening to this, go shoot some Dark Crystals while waiting for the Aether timer to run out.

Pick Up Dark Aether Wrench

Once the timer ends and the Operator is back in the real world, go to where the ghosts were talking and a “Dark Aether Wrench” should be sitting on the ground. Grab it & head toward Yard.

Complete The Tank Sequence

Once in Yard, there’s a whole series of steps involving the tank:

  • Knock on the Tank with the wrench a couple of times.
  • A Zombie should pop out of the top hatch!
  • Sadly, kill the Zombie.
  • Stick a Semtex to the now-open Tank lid or use it as a backboard to land a regular grenade inside the tank.
  • The Tank will fire off a round, hitting a tree in the Crash Site.
  • Go investigate this tree.

Pick Up Decontamination Agent & Take It To Med-Bay

Directly to the right of the Aether Tunnel in Crash Site is the Decontamination Agent, pick it up & head to Med-Bay. But, be warned:

  • Players can’t use weapons while carrying the Agent.
  • Stamin-Up is helpful for getting to Med-Bay undamaged
  • Aether Shroud is also a great way to get through this section.

Plug the Decontam. Agent into the box in Med-Bay & finally the Der Wechsler is powered.

Trap Some Megaton Twins

Once the Decontamination Agent is in, the Der Wechsler is finally ready, all it needs are two subjects of the Megaton variety. To do this, simply:

  • Wait for another Megaton to spawn.
  • Kill almost every other Zombie in the Round.
  • Kite the Megaton towards the capsule.
  • Destroy its base form so that it splits in half.
  • Each of those two halves should get sucked up into the Capsule when they walk under it.

Listen To Orlav’s Story

Next, all players are required to be inside the room with the computer in Med-Bay before it becomes intractable. Once activated the doors should close, and the Der Wechsler gets to work. There’s a lot of exposition here for those who somehow manage to keep up with the Zombies narrative. 

Enter Dark Aether Portal At Bottom Floor Of Bunker

Disclaimer: These next two steps are basically the point-of-no-return. Gear up as much as possible before going into the Dark Aether again. 

Once the party is all ready to go, players can then enter the Aether Portal in Living Room. While here, there will be a Spectral Anamoly of Orlav to interact with, it’s in the corner of Omega Outpost.

Listen To Orlav’s Farewell, Then Pick Up Family Photo

Once players are kicked out of the Dark Aether for the final time, there will be a photo of Orlav’s family right where his Spectral Reflection was. Grabbing this is the actual point-of-no-return as it teleports players to a closed-off version of the Particle Accelerator Room.

Defend Orlav As He Shuts Down The Particle Accelerator

Once here, players have a bit of time while Orlav is mulling over his newfound afterlife to go to the Arsenal & refresh Armor or upgrade it. They can also still use the Pack-A-Punch Machine or grab Ammo from the crate on the bottom floor to the left of the Crafting Table.

But, once Orlav starts working on the first machine, players need to defend him with their lives. Here’s how it works:

Tons Of Megaton Units Will Spawn

During this phase tons of Megatons will spawn, and zombies will try to swarm & disrupt Orlav’s work.

  • If he gets hit by too many little zombies, he’ll start flailing & stop working.
  • Cymbal Monkeys & C4 are A+ Equipment to use here.
  • Each Megaton enemy drops ammo & armor on defeat.

Once Orlov is done, it’s time to leave…ASAP.

Get To The Exfil Site Un-Electrocuted

Finally, it’s time to get to the Exfil site at Pond! Blue Lightning spawns all over the map at this point now & players have one minute & thirty seconds to get there. Here’s how to do it: