Bloodborne: Every Optional Boss (& Where To Find Them)

Part of what makes FromSoftware’s RPGs so great is the sheer amount of optional content at play. Demon’s Souls doesn’t have as much, but Dark Souls set a precedent that Bloodborne only ran wild with. Roughly half the bosses in the game are completely optional, which makes sense considering how few areas in Bloodborne are actually mandatory.

What’s surprising is which bosses specifically are optional. Quite a few feel like they’re in the path of regular gameplay, but everyone’s playthrough is naturally different. Bloodborne is a game that caters to dozens of play styles, which means not everyone is going to end up finding all the optional bosses – whether they want to or not.

Cleric Beast

Contrary to popular belief, the Cleric Beast is not the first mandatory boss in Bloodborne. That honor actually belongs to Father Gascoigne. That said, the Cleric Beast is clearly intended as the first boss. The road to Gascoigne is simply too long on a first playthrough, and the Cleric Beast is stationed right at the end of the Great Bridge – an area most Hunters will be naturally drawn to, if not assume is where the game is outright leading them towards.

Blood Starved Beast

The Blood Starved Beast can be found at the very end of Old Yharnam, but never actually has to be fought if players don’t care about gaining access to the Hypogean Gaol. The Blood Starved Beast also plays a minor role in Djura’s questline. While the Blood Starved Beast isn’t too difficult to dodge or combo, it deals a nasty amount of poison damage so be sure to keep a few Anecdotes on hand while hunting through Old Yharnam.

The Witch Of Hemwick

Conveniently located at the very end of Hemwick Charnel Lane (and virtually impossible to miss as a result,) the Witch of Hemwick is one of the more creative bosses in Bloodborne. She’s actually a dual boss, but the second Witch of Hemwick isn’t immediately noticeable. The Witches will teleport around the room as well, making it difficult to keep track of which witch is where and which witch is which.

The Witches of Hemwick will also summon Mad Ones if players have more than 0 Insight (which will almost certainly be the case.) It’s important to try and kill both Witches in close proximity to one another. If one Witch is killed early and the other is left alive for too long, she’ll revive her fallen sister.

Darkbeast Paarl

Like the Blood Starved Beast, Darkbeast Paarl plays a key role in Djura’s questline. To reach the Blood Starved Beast, players must first get kidnapped by a Snatcher outside of Cathedral Ward (only possible after defeating the Blood Starved Beast.) Upon “dying” to the Snatcher, players will wake up in the Hypogean Gaol. Darkbeast Paarl will be at the very end of the area. While intimidating, Paarl isn’t too difficult – especially if you prioritize Bolt resistance.

Martyr Logarius

Found at the very top of Castle Cainhurst, Martyr Logarius is one of the hardest bosses in Bloodborne. His rooftop boss arena makes it easy for careless Hunters to roll to their deaths, and the fact Logarius suddenly starts fighting face to face in the second phase of the battle makes for a particularly tense reversal.

Getting to Castle Cainhurst requires the Cainhurst Summons from Iosefka’s Clinic – accessible through a shortcut in the Forbidden Woods swamps. The Summons can then be used at the obelisk in Hemwick Charnel Lane (right by the Witch’s Lantern) to take a coach ride to the Castle.


The boss of the Nightmare Frontier, Amygdala is one of the harder Great Ones in Bloodborne. The Nightmare Frontier is a harsh area in general, but Amygdala is especially threatening for melee characters. Only its head and arms are susceptible to any real damage. Gunslingers and Arcanists will naturally have an easier time, but they have to contend with actually getting through the Nightmare Frontier in one piece.

The Celestial Emissary

The Celestial Emissary is found at the very top of Upper Cathedral Ward. The boss fight starts as a group battle with swarms of Celestial Mobs attacking the player. The Celestial Emissary is hiding among the Mobs and will be the only enemy that doesn’t immediately aggro the player. Once the Emissary has been damaged enough times, it’ll grow larger and then tentacles.

The key to taking on the Celestial Emissary is to target it ASAP. It’s possible to actually kill the Celestial Emissary before it transforms if you’re quick enough. Otherwise, keep the Mobs at bay while making sure to deal contant damage on the Emissary.

Ebrietas, Daughter Of Cosmos

Ebrietas is also found in Upper Cathedral Ward and directly connected to the Celestial Emissary, in fact. From the Lumenflower Gardens Lantern, break through the window nearby and take the elevator all the way down. Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos will be waiting in a massive boss arena where she’s sure to kill players more than a few times.

Ebrietas is an enormous Great One and trying to fight her from behind is an exercise in futility. Fighting from between her legs tends to be the safest space, but getting there is a challenge. Also make sure to always dodge her charge attack. More often than not, it’s a one hit kill in the making.

Gehrman, The First Hunter

One of Bloodborne’s potential final bosses, Gehrman awaits Hunters in the Hunter’s Dream once they’ve defeated Mergo’s Wet Nurse. With the hunt for all intents and purposes over, Gehrman offers the player a choice: to wake up from the dream or stay in it. To refuse Gehrman means fighting him in the Hunter’s Dream.

A one on one duel, Gehrman is one of the toughest fights in Bloodborne. If players haven’t learned how to parry yet, they’re in for an uphill battle. As excellent a challenge as Gehrman is, however, he isn’t Bloodborne’s real final boss. That honor belongs to the Moon Presence.

Moon Presence

Defeating Gehrman isn’t enough to trigger the Moon Presence. Players must also have found and consumed three Umbilical Cords hidden throughout Yharnam. Only by doing so will the Moon Presence descend into the Hunter’s Dream following Ghreman’s death. Both bosses will be fought back to back the first time around, but dying to the Moon Presence doesn’t respawn Gehrman. The Moon Presence is surprisingly manageable compared to Gehrman, but it can lock player from healing with Blood Vials, so be mindful of its attacks.

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