Bloodborne: How To Get Executioner’s Gloves

Although a part of the greater Soulsborne franchise, Bloodborne differs from the Dark Souls trilogy everywhere it counts. Not only are Trick Weapons considerably more nuanced than Dark Souls’ armory, magic has been revamped in the form of Hunter Tools – equipment that allows Hunters to augment their abilities without necessarily needing to be a magic oriented character.

The Executioner’s Gloves are one of the best Hunter Tools in Bloodborne, but they’re hidden away in the secret depths of Cainhurst Castle. When used, the Executioner’s Gloves fire three homing attacks that deal massive Arcane damage on contact. Only requiring 20 Arcane to use, it pays to track down the gloves.

That said, finding the Executioner’s Gloves is easier said than done. Cainhurst Castle is arguably the most obscure area in Bloodborne and has a whole host of criteria that needs to be met before players so much as step foot inside the palace. Considering how powerful the Executioner’s Gloves are, it’s probably for the best to keep it so out of sight.

Iosefka’s Shortcut

Before Hunters can access Castle Cainhurst, they need to unlock the back entrance shortcut to Iosefka’s Clinic. The Summons which allow players to call the Cainhurst Coach are inside of the clinic, but Iosefka refuses to let anyone but survivors through the front door. Starting from the Lantern in the Forbidden Woods, follow the bridge to the right to find a bonfire pit.

Keep to the left until spotting a field of white flowers. Cut through and follow the hill to reach a house littered with dog cages. Head all the way behind the house to find a cave that leads into a nearby swamp. The shortcut to Iosefka’s Clinic can be found in the giant infested swamp. Run by all of them until reaching a ladder at the end of the swamp that connects back to Yharnam. From the rooftops, head into Iosefka’s Clinic from the back.

Cainhurst Summons

Depending on where players are in their playthrough, they might need to fight Iosefka when invading her clinic from behind. If the Blood Moon has already set in, all is well and Iosefka will be giving birth deeper into the clinic. If it hasn’t, however, Iosefka will aggro on sight and try to kill the player herself. Note that defeating her ends her questline for all intents and purposes.

The Cainhurst Summons can be found in one of the earliest hallways inside the clinic. Feel free to head on out upon obtaining the Summons and warp to Hemwick Charnel Lane. (Note that the Witch of Hemwick has to be dead for this work). Form the Witch’s Abode Lantern, go to the open field with all the enemies and kill everyone there. Approach the monument in the center and a stagecoach will be summoned so long as players picked up the Cainhurst Summons at Iosefka’s Clinic. Hop into the coach to gain access to Cainhurst Castle.

Cainhurst Castle

The Executioner’s Gloves are found deep within Cainhurst Castle, specifically inside of the castle library. From the Lantern, open the double doors and head into the castle’s main hall. Run up the central staircase, hook left, and enter the first door on the right to reach a dining room. Cut through the balcony up ahead and keep running up the staircase to reach a new tower guarded by a Gargoyle.

Run through the tower hallway and keep left to cut through another building. Head left and walk over the switch to trigger the Elevator Shortcut, allowing players to bypass most of Cainhurst Castle from the Lantern. Take the elevator back up and head up the staircase to get to the second floor of the library.

There’s an open window in the back that allows Hunters to drop down to an otherwise blocked off area. Once on this secret balcony, head into the library on the left to find a room flooded with Bound Widows. Either kill or ignore them, and run all the way to the back of the room to find a treasure chest with the Executioner’s Gloves inside.

Executioner’s Gloves

The Executioner’s Gloves outdo most of the Hunter Tools in Bloodborne due to sheer versatility. Not only do the gloves do a heavy amount of Arcane damage, three homing spells attacking enemies at once is deadly in either PvP or PvE. More importantly, the Executioner’s Gloves can stagger a great number of opponents, including some of the humanoid bosses.

In terms of stats, the Executioner’s Gloves only require 20 Arcane to equip and exhaust 3 Silver Bullet per use. Like most Hunter Tools, the Executioner’s Gloves have an S scaling with Arcane, pairing especially well with magic builds. Notably, Martyr Logarius also uses the Executioner’s Gloves as part of his natural tool kit.

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