Borderlands 3 Update Brings Bloody Harvest Back And Tweaks Zane

A new update for Borderlands 3 has been rolled out for PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One. Alongside bringing Bloody Harvest back, the hotfix also makes some tweaks to Zane and balances weapons. The full patch notes are outlined below.

The headlining feature is the return of Bloody Harvest, Gearbox’s annual Halloween-themed limited-time event for Borderlands. It runs until November 5 and lets you collect all manners of spooky loot for completing challenges and missions, like zombie head trinkets and festive skins. There are even weapons that not only scale to your level, but may also come with Terror effects.

Bloody Harvest is free for everyone and will be available after the hotfix update has been applied, which is done by hanging out on the menu screen until the “Hotfixes Applied!” message pops up. The event can also be opted out of by turning it off in the main menu.

Elsewhere in the update are changes to the operator Zane, including adjustments to his class mods and passive skills. Several skills of Zane’s–like Best Served Cold, Cold Bore, and Trick of the Light–have had their damage increased. Additionally, some of his class mods–such as Conductor and Executor–have also had their overall effects increased. Gearbox said these changes should “make more class mods viable for Zane in the end game.” The studio also said more changes to Zane are planned and will be introduced in future patches.

Meanwhile, the update tweaks a few weapons. This includes increased the burst-fire rate of Dahl Burst weapons, slightly increasing the weapon damage of the legendary Maggie pistol, and increasing the melee damage of the Psycho Stabber. Check below for a full list of changes made in this Borderlands 3 hotfix patch.

Full Borderlands 3 Hotfix Patch Notes (October 8)

Bloody Harvest Weapon and Anointment Changes

These changes will impact existing and newly dropped guns with Terror anointments on them during Bloody Harvest.

  • Fearmonger:
    • Increased number of bullets shot per Terror level
    • Increased weapon damage
  • Stalker:
    • Increased weapon damage
    • Ghast Call:
      • Increased weapon damage
      • Terror Anointments:
        • “While Terrified, gain increased damage and fire rate. The more Terror you have, the higher the bonus.”
          • Increased damage bonus
          • “While Terrified, deal 50% bonus cryo damage.”
            • Increased damage bonus to 75%
            • “While Terrified, enemy bullets have a chance to reflect off you. The more Terror you have, the higher the bonus.”
              • Increased damage bonus
              • “On Action Skill End, apply Terror to yourself every 5 seconds for the next 18 seconds.”
                • Adjusted the text to match what was happening in-game
                • Siren Anointment:
                  • “After Phasegrasping an enemy, Amara fires Terror skulls at the grasped target dealing 3718 damage.” (lvl 50)
                    • Increased damage bonus
                    • Beastmaster Anointment:
                      • “After Using Attack Command, consume all Terror and FL4K’s pet gains 50% bonus fire damage for a short time.”
                        • Increased damage bonus
                        • Gunner Anointment:
                          • “After Reloading, consume all Terror and create a nova that deals cryo damage.”
                            • Increased damage bonus
                            • Weapon Changes

                              • Dahl Burst Weapons:
                                • Increased the burst fire rate of AR, SMG, and Pistol weapons. Does not affect legendary weapons
                              • Lasersploder:
                                • Increased damage scaling and magazine size
                                • Conference Call:
                                  • Initial target will now be hit with the weapon’s extra projectiles
                                  • Maggie:
                                    • Slightly increased weapon damage
                                    • Psycho Stabber:
                                      • Increased melee damage
                                      • Masterwork Crossbow:
                                        • Increased weapon damage
                                        • Changes to Zane, The Operative

                                          Today we’re releasing several changes to Zane’s passive skills and class mods. After buffing weapons, we started looking at how class mods were impacting the build diversity of the Vault Hunters. After investigating community feedback, we developed these changes to make more class mods viable for Zane in the end game. Most of the passive skill buffs changed today are used by class mods that had been underperforming. Additional changes to Zane are already planned, with some coming in future hotfixes and patches.

                                          SKILL CHANGES

                                          • Cold Bore:
                                            • Increased bonus damage
                                              • This skill only provides extra damage on the first bullet of a weapon swap. This bonus happens infrequently by nature, so we have massively buffed the damage. With this change, we are interested to see new builds centered around small magazine sizes, sniper rifles, and more.
                                            • Duct Tape Mod:
                                              • Decreased grenade cooldown by half
                                                • We found that the value of this passive skill was limited by the cooldown between each grenade, so we’ve cut that in half. Players will need to be conscious of the cooldown time and type of grenade mod they equipped to get the maximum value out of this passive skill.
                                                • Like a Ghost:
                                                  • Increased chance to ignore a bullet
                                                  • Increased the bonus for each active action skill
                                                    • The stacking bonus only occurs each time one of Zane’s action skills is activated. This is infrequent in the late game, as players generally extend their action skill duration time. We’ve made this change with that playstyle in mind.
                                                    • Trick of the Light:
                                                      • Increased damage bonus
                                                        • The damage from this skill depends on the number of enemies targeting Zane and Zane’s clone and can occasionally be unpredictable. To better account for this inconsistency, we’ve buffed the damage bonus.
                                                        • Best Served Cold:
                                                          • Increased damage from the Cryo novas
                                                          • Frutility Belt:
                                                            • Increased the damage reduction
                                                              • To help encourage players to consider builds that remove elemental damage, we’ve buffed the damage mitigation to be stronger here.
                                                              • Class Mod Changes

                                                                • Anti-Freeze:
                                                                  • Increased movement speed while taking Cryo damage
                                                                • Conductor: