Breath Of The Wild: Every Shrine In Central Hyrule (& How To Beat Them)

Nintendo fundamentally changed how The Legend of Zelda worked with Breath of the Wild. Calling back to the original Legend of Zelda on NES, Breath of the Wild prioritizes freedom at any cost – even getting rid of franchise staples in the process. Dungeons as they once were are completely replaced by Divine Beasts and mini-dungeons are now split up across 120 Shrines.

Each major region in Breath of the Wild has a set of Shrines for Link to complete, but Central Hyrule has some of the most dangerous in the game. Connected to Hyrule Castle itself, BotW’s Central Hyrule is full of Guardians who will attach Link on sight. Simply getting to the Shrines can be a challenge in and of itself, let alone solving them.

Dah Kaso: A Minor Test Of Strength

Dah Kaso Shrine can be found under the Digdogg Suspension Bridge in southwestern Central Hyrule. Central Hyrule has several Shrines dedicated to Tests of Strength – encounters where Link is pitted against a sole Guardian Scout. Dah Kaso Shrine is A Minor Test of Strength against a Guardian Scout II equipped with a Guardian Spear.

The Minor variant is the easiest Test of Strength, so there shouldn’t be much to worry about before heading in. So long as Link has some basic weaponry, a Guardian Scout II should pose no trouble. Once defeated, grab the Ancient Core in the Treasure Chest and claim the Spirit Orb from the monk.

Kaam Ya’tak: Trial Of Power

Kaam Ya’tak Shrine can be found just southwest of Central Hyrule Tower. Kaam Ya’tak’s Shrine puzzle is the Trial of Power and one of the most involved Shrines in the game. Unlike most Shrines which focus on a single Rune, the Trial of Power has Link using most of his kit to make progress.

  • Use Magnesis to pull back the metal ball holding the boulder into the door.
  • Use Stasis on the metal balls in the hallway to stop them in their tracks.
  • Kill the 2 Guardian Scouts around the corner.
  • Burn the leaves by shooting the lamp’s rope with an Arrow.

A boulder will fall off a platform, breaking open a new set of doors. Follow the path until reaching two Guardian Scouts and kill them both. Keep following the path and use Stasis on the seesaw up ahead so Link can cross. Use the motion control pad up ahead to smash a hammer into another boulder. Break both crates and then drop it in the hole up ahead to crash into another set of doors.

  • Follow the path until reaching a seesaw and use Stasis on it.
  • Light an Arrow with the torch up ahead and shoot the leaves.
  • Use Stasis on the seesaw.
  • Step on the switch just as the Boulder is dropping down, shooting it onto the seesaw.

Follow through the double doors and step on the switch to unlock the gate. Use Stasis on the boulder and attack it as much as you can. The boulder will open another set of double doors with a crystal. Step on the platform in front of it, hit the crystal, and Link will be sent flying up towards the monk.

Katah Chuki: A Minor Test Of Strength

Katah Chuki Shrine is just southwest of Hyrule Castle – the final dungeon in the game. Despite its close proximity to the finality, Katah Chuki Shrine is just A Minor Test of Strength. Link has to fight yet another Guardian Scout II wielding a Guardian Spear. They should take no effort to take down, but if you’re having trouble, make sure to use the arena to your advantage. Once defeated, grab the Royal Halberd in the chest and claim the Spirit Orb.

Namika Ozz: A Modest Test Of Strength

Namika Ozz Shrine is found at Crenel Hills in northeast Central Hyrule. The only Modest Test of Strength in Central Hyrule, Link has to fight a Guardian Scout III equipped with two weapons: a Guardian Spear+ and an Ancient Battle Axe+. Both weapons deal a reasonable amount of damage, so make sure to keep a distance.

It helps to Flurry Rush accordingly here. A few well timed dodges should give Link plenty of opportunities to deal some serious damage. As you’ll be fighting a Guardian Scout III, however, make sure to bring some particularly sturdy weapons.

Noya Neha: A Minor Test Of Strength

Noya Neha Shrine is found northwest of Namika Ozz Shrine and is the last Minor Test of Strength in Central Hyrule. Link will have to fight a Guardian Scout II equipped with a standard Guardian Battle Axe. With considerably less health than a Guardian Scout III, it should go down fast. Grab the Knight’s Shield in the chest and grab the Spirit Orb from the monk.

Rota Ooh: Passing Of The Gates

Rota Ooh Shrine is right by Outskirt Stable in southwestern Central Hyrule. Shoot the crystal switch to flip the room up ahead. Grab the ball and place it back, then run all the way to the left to find a chest with a Small Key in it. Shoot the crystal switch and unlock the door.

Now throw the ball into the balcony on the right. Shoot the switch again, step on the platform, let it shoot you into the air, and then shoot the crystal switch after triggering bullet time. Link will land on top of the room and he’ll be able to turn around right into the monk’s room.

Saas Ko’sah: A Major Test Of Strength

Saas Ko’sah Shrine is directly north of Hyrule Castle and is arguably the hardest Shrine in Central Hyrule. Saas Ko’sah’s Shrine puzzle is a Major Test of Strength, which pits Link against a Shrine Guardian IV wielding three powerful weapons: the Ancient Battle Axe++, Guardian Spear++, and a Guardian Sword++.

Flurry Rush and Parrying become extremely useful skills here, so it helps to have mastered both mechanics beforehand. Bring plenty of healing items, your strongest weapons, and equip Link’s toughest armor. Fighting a Shrine Guardian IV unprepared or too early in the game is a recipe for disaster.

Wahgo Katta: Metal Connections

Wahgo Katta Shrine can be found in southeast Central Hyrule right by Riverside Stable. Metal Connections is a Magnesis related Shrine that has Link creating a climbable wall with magnetic crates. FIrst, grab the three metal crates and create a tower right across from the where the monk is stationed.

Use Magnesis on the magnetic bridge up here and bring it down. You now have to create a tower far enough away from the monk shrine to drop the magnetic bridge between the monk and towers. Once done, Link will be able to climb up and run across in order to claim the Spirit Orb.

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