Breath Of The Wild Player Defeats A Boss Using A Cucco

Breath of the Wild is a game that often tasks players with using their creatvity to overcome tricky challenges and perilous situations. Fans of the game are pretty keen on displaying this creatvity, showcased perfectly during the time when they all shared their methods of solving the game's hardest Korok Seed puzzle. We have another example of their creativity on display today, as one Reddit user has shown themselves overcoming a boss in the overworld using nothing but a poor little Cucco as a weapon.

First shared by Redditor JinMQ, a video shows the player going up to a weakened Hinox with nothing but a poor flapping Cucco in their hands. The Hinox pauses for a second, presumably thinking about how easy his next meal has been to catch, and then whacks Link over the top of the head with an entire tree, hitting the poor Cucco as well. Link then rolls across the floor injured, like any normal person would after being smacked by a tree.

Long time Zelda fans will probably know what happens next, as a horde of Cucco fly down and completely batter the Hinox into submission, quickly whittling away the health he had left and leaving the poor boss monster defeated and confused. In case you're wondering what happened, the Zelda series has a long-standing joke in it that when the player continously attacks a helpless Cucco, they are swarmed by them, and usually killed by them as punishment for their cruelty.

It's a mechanic mainly designed to enact swift justice on the player, although it seems fans have started to weaponize Cuccos as a method of taking down some of Breath of the Wild's toughest enemies. It's a neat little trick that could help if you're struggling in a fight, although it does require you to carry a Cucco around with you at all times, and not even the worst person in the world deserves that fate.

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