Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Nuketown Easter Egg Unveiled

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s take on the famous Nuketown comes out on November 24 but its main Easter Egg has already been revealed. Activision’s’ latest entry came out for current and previous gens on November 13.

Redditor PimpOutMyPC claimed to have glitched into the map using custom games. He then found the easter egg by shooting off every single one of the mannequin heads. This is what was required to unlock the original Nuketown’s secret which was a Rolling Stones song.

Doing this in Black Ops Cold War nets a more interesting prize as it will apply an ’80s digital filter whilst a synth-wave track kicks in. PimpOutMyPC showed this off on YouTube, but Activision took down the video for copyright. Still, it can be found on Twitter.

However, for those who want to sneak into Nuketown prematurely, PimpOutMyPC had some bad news – apparently, they haven’t been able to reproduce the glitch, so they haven’t got a tutorial out.

Activision revealed a trailer for Nuketown ’84 on November 20, showcasing the age-old map in its brand new take. On top of that, a Nuketown weapon bundle can be obtained which includes a legend emblem, a calling card, nine weapon charms, and an epic shotgun blueprint.

The map has retained the layout it had since its inception but it’s now filled to the brim with that ’80s aesthetic that has been roaring in Cold War’s marketing since Blue Monday got slapped onto the trailer.

Gone is the idyllic ’50s juxtaposed suburban neighborhood ripe for blowing up with a new, abandoned aesthetic taking its place full of graffiti, exposed plywood, and plenty of damage before you even get there for the gun-fight.

Arguably one of the most iconic maps in the franchise, fighting with Rust and Terminal for the top spot, Nuketown is making its fifth main-entry appearance in Cold War. This easter egg, which will no doubt be a fun way to kill some time exploring the remaster, is a huge step up from the originals and it’s not even particularly hard to pull off – find the mannequins and pop their heads. Hopefully, the gun-slinging action will be a leap in quality too.

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