Call of Duty Mobile Stuck: Getting version info problem strikes popular shooter

Call of Duty Mobile gamers are having issues accessing core services tonight.

Problems are being found when trying to play the popular shooter tonight, including being stuck on a certain screen.

This usually includes seeing an error message after the game has tried to find the latest version information.

And reports are coming in of problems playing Call of Duty Mobile on Android and iOS from across the globe.

Gamers have tried a few different approaches to fixing the issue, including reinstalling the game on their device.

But it appears this doesn’t fix the current issue affecting Call of Duty Mobile tonight.

“Is anyone experiencing issues logging into the game?” one gamer wrote online tonight.

“I’m stuck on a constant loop. It’s saying ” validating game settings” I’ve cleared the cache and data, I’ve even reinstalled but the problem is still there.”

Another affected gamer adds: “It’s happening to a lot of gamers. Not particular to IOS or Android. Even my IOS is facing the same issue.”

It’s unclear what might be causing issues tonight or how long they might last.

It would be fair to say that being a popular new Call of Duty game, there could be a lot of server strain going on.

No technical advice has been shared on the COD Mobile platforms yet, so hopefully, issues won’t last a long time.

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