Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – The Fastest Way Of Leveling Up

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Getting XP can be a slog in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. With over 50 weapons to level fully, unlocking access to all the game's attachments and camos can take hundreds of hours at a casual pace. Luckily, there are a few ways you can speed up your XP and weapon XP earnings.

By playing certain multiplayer modes and completing Daily Challenges, it's possible to unlock all of Modern Warfare 2's weapons and attachments in far less time. This short guide will cover ways of getting XP Tokens, the fastest ways of earning account XP, and we'll give an excellent weapon XP farm.

How To Get XP Tokens

Before you start any sort of XP farm, you'll want to stock up on XP boosters. XP and Weapon XP Tokens double your XP earnings for a set duration. Tokens last anywhere from 30 minutes to multiple hours, so pay attention to which XP Tokens you're using and when.

You can get XP Tokens and Weapon XP Tokens from the following sources:

  • Campaign: Completing the campaign gives three hours worth of XP and Weapon XP Tokens.
  • Promotional Offers: Purchasing certain products will grant codes which can be redeemed for XP Tokens.
    • A full list may be found here. Most promotional offers expire on March 29, 2023.
    • Purchasing the Vault Edition from the in-game CoD store grants ten hours worth of XP Tokens and Weapon XP Tokens.
  • Battle Pass: If MW2 has a similar Battle Pass structure as previous games, it's likely you'll earn a few hours worth of XP Tokens by leveling your Battle Pass rank.
  • Activating XP Tokens

    As of writing, there is no in-game indicator for active Tokens or their current timers. Timers decay in real time, not in-game time.

    You can activate your XP Tokens from the matchmaking menu. Upon queueing up for an activity, you'll see a tab labeled 'Tokens' on the bottom-left of your screen, located beside the 'Search Game' button. Select this tab to activate your Tokens.

    The Fastest XP Farm

    There are two fantastic ways of earning XP: Daily Challenges and objective game modes. We'll be covering both in this section since they're equally important for leveling quickly.

    Daily Challenges

    Daily Challenge XP is unaffected by XP Tokens.

    Each day, you'll be given four challenges for Multiplayer and Spec Ops. The first three challenges are immediately available and may be completed at any time before the next daily reset (06:00 UTC). Challenges range from getting certain weapon kills to using Field Upgrades, nothing that is particularly challenging.

    Completing all three Daily Challenges will grant a bonus Daily Challenge, providing quadruple the XP when completed. These challenges are slightly more time-consuming but worth it. XP rewards are the following:

    • Daily Challenge #1: 2,500 XP
    • Daily Challenge #2: 2,500 XP
    • Daily Challenge #3: 2,500 XP
    • Daily Challenge #4: 10,000 XP

    Both Multiplayer and Spec Ops have unique Daily Challenges, so be sure to complete both playlist challenges for maximum XP earnings. Completing all eight challenges will grant 35,000 XP in total, not including the XP earned by completing MP and Spec Ops matches.

    Farming Objective Game Modes

    Once you've completed your Daily Challenges, we recommend farming objective game types to rank up quickly. Modes like Hardpoint, Domination, Kill Confirmed, and Invasion provide a staggering amount of XP per game. Play the objective, go on killstreaks, and using supportive Field Upgrades will rank you up fairly quickly. Pop an XP Token before a match to level up even faster.

    The Fastest Weapon XP Farm

    The fastest XP farm in MW2 is the Invasion playlist. This activity is a variant of Ground War that's 20v20 with bots present on both teams. Defeating a bot is quite easy and grants as much weapon XP as a player kill. Most bots spawn near the end of the map, so you'll want to travel near the enemy's spawn location and farm AI that spawn.

    Most of the AI you'll face will spawn from helicopters or drop from the sky as paratroopers. A few bullets from just about any weapon will bring them down, giving you full weapon XP. Stick near an ammo crate when possible to keep your reserves full. Use Tactical Insertion as your Field Upgrade to respawn if you get sniped.

    Alternate Weapon XP Farm

    If you've heard of this Invasion farm already and can't stand farming bots, give Hardpoint, Domination, and Kill Confirmed a try. You can find all of these game types in the 'Quick Play' tab. Press the reload key to access a submenu that lets you filter modes from the playlist.

    Each mode lasts much longer than Team Deathmatch, provides more opportunities to gain points, and they're varied enough to remain interesting for hours on end. Hardpoint is the most efficient of the three we listed but gets boring after hours of non-stop play. If you hate farming bots, this is your next best farm.

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