Call of Duty Modern Warfare update: Warzone Grau nerf and map changes – fans give verdict

Today’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare update is out now and contains some important changes for the game.

One of the most hotly anticipated was the COD Warzone Grau nerf, which looked set to knock the rifle back a little.

The gun has become a firm favourite, mainly due to its versatility and its ability to laser players from across the map.

Gamers may not have been looking for it to be completely destroyed but they were hoping to see it become less deadly.

The good news is that today’s Modern Warfare update has changed the stats of the Grau, providing one of its first major nerfs.

For some gamers, the lowering of the damage range and the increase in recoil is enough to keep it in line with other weapons.

But for others, it’s still not enough to keep it from dominating around Verdansk.

Here are some of the views from fans who have been using the Grau since it was nerfed in Warzone:

“I just played a few games of Warzone with the new update, here are my thoughts on the Grau now. It definitely has more recoil, this recoil is noticeable now, and it’s range is slightly lower, you can’t beam anyone from impossible distances now.

But it is still very much possible to get kills from a decent range. Overall, they did enough to make it so that you won’t die in like 5 seconds from it, but you can still die by it from long range.


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“I’m surprised they didn’t do more, but I’m still not sure if it can be considered overpowered anymore.”

Others disagree, adding comments like: “It’s still a laser but the damage drop off at range makes it a pea shooter compared to what it was.”

“At most I can admit that there’s a little kick when there was none at all pre nerf, but that little kick is so insignificant it feels like it hasn’t been touched at all. Maybe my game is bugged but the nerf on my end hasn’t been noticeable.”

It will be interesting to see how developers Infinity Ward move forward with the balancing of weapons in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone from now on.

The Grau could be in for a few more adjustments, as rebalancing usually takes a few patches before the dev team are happy with it.

Following today’s update, gamers have also been noticing a few hints found around Verdansk that hint at a few Warzone map changes.

While nothing especially big has been found in active games, some of the game art released with the new update show changes being made to the Stadium.

There have already been reports of this area opening up and becoming a new playable space, and gamers have noticed that new ropes and transparent windows can be found in the new art.

This would strongly suggest that this area, which is largely dead in most matches, could be getting a big revamp in the future.

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