Call of Duty Warzone Season 6 patch notes reveal the end of Verdansk map

Call of Duty release Warzone season six trailer

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The end of Verdansk is approaching, and massive changes are being made to the Call of Duty Warzone Season 6 map.

Having shared the first patch notes detailing what is being planned as part of today’s update, developers Raven Software has also confirmed it will be the last season to feature Verdansk.

Fans already knew that a map based around new game Call of Duty Vanguard was being launched but perhaps didn’t know it would be replacing Verdansk forever.

Activision has already started sharing details of what the final version of Verdansk will look like during Season 6, including massive raptures and fissures in the Earth.

There will also be new points of interest, including WWII-era bunkers, which will likely play a role in the transition from Verdansk to the new Battle Royale arena later this year.

A full rundown of the new map changes have been shared via earlier patch notes and can be found listed at the bottom of this article.

Meanwhile, gamers can also expect to be dropping into a very familiar-looking Gulag.

The original Prison Shower Gulag is usually seen as one of the best, and Raven Software has confirmed that a new version of it will be available to play through.

A message from Raven describes it as follows: “A callback to the original Gulag – A.K.A. the O.G. – Season Six’s Gulag is a near-replica of the Gunfight map from Modern Warfare®. It also made an appearance in Call of Duty: Mobile, and while veterans may know all the ins and outs of this arena, newcomers won’t have to learn much to master it.

“This arena is a small, symmetrical map with three primary lanes with clear views from one spawn area into the other. Rows of sinks and showers offer cover and visual obstruction, while lockers within the spawns – the only difference between this map and previous versions, save for some cosmetic changes – can allow for a unique sightline over mid-map.

“Its Overtime flag is at the dead center of the arena, and it may as well be a death sentence for those who don’t know where their opponent is. There are sightlines directly on the flag across all three lanes, as well as from the lockers, so should you opt for an Overtime objective victory, be prepared for your opponent to fire from nearly any direction.”



By far the most affected area of Verdansk, the Downtown area saw multiple buildings brought down. Specifically, along the massive fissure running northwest to east, the apartments near the Big Bloc tenements are gone, the Grand Hotel is one with the earth, the entire Verdansk Museum of Art is history, the city’s local BCH4 TV Station toppled, and the modern end of the Rothwynn-Donna Building is wrecked.


Outside of the obvious destruction of the Stadium’s signage, the fissure has torn a hole in the stands. It also brought the main construction crane down to the pitch, with an “island-like” piece of surface land jutting out from the earth containing part of the downed equipment.


This relatively shallow crack fortunately did not affect manmade structures, but in an otherwise open area of the map, the underground explosions have changed how you’ll approach zones like the Radar Array, Stadium, and Blocs. Rather than sprint or drive across a rather open area, you can use this fissure to take cover from those attacking from atop the Radar Array or Stadium. Plus, if the final Circle Collapse falls in this area, it can lead to some more tactical play rather than an all-out firefight to a finish.


Running north of the Barakett Promenade’s easternmost portion, from the gas station and apartments across the street from the Hospital right up to the area’s high rise, this chunk of earth was normally a hilly space with little cover. This may have led Operators to be left completely exposed when travelling across this area, especially if the Circle Collapse forced them here.


Differing from the previous bunkers you may have explored, these three underground areas – one located near Radar Array and Bloc 15, another north of the electrical transformers in the Airport Maintenance area, and the third north of the Silos within the Boneyard – are even older and have plenty of intrigue to them.

Unlike previous bunkers, these are accessible through a hole left behind by a drill previously hidden in shipping containers. Attach your climbing device to the cables – or be bold and jump down, although you may take some serious damage – to land right in the middle of a long-abandoned Axis facility.

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