Call Of Duty: Warzone teases Die Hard crossover with duct cleaning company

A Twitter teaser points to Die Hard’s John McClane joining the party that is Call Of Duty: Warzone.

Activision really wants what Fortnite has, it seems. After teasing the potential inclusion of Rambo in Call Of Duty: Warzone, Activision’s already suggesting that another classic 80s action hero will be added: John McClane from Die Hard.

Just like the Rambo teaser, this comes from the official Call Of Duty Twitter account. Instead of player statistics, however, the teaser comes in the form of an advertisement for a duct cleaning company.

While the allusion to Die Hard may seem like a bit of a stretch at first, the company itself is named Nakatomi Duct Cleaning, a very blatant reference to Nakatomi Plaza, the setting of Die Hard.

‘Does heat have your employees dying hard? Keep your workplace cool with help from Nakatomi Duct Cleaning,’ it reads. ‘Our world class team is experienced in squeezing through even the smallest of air ducts, crawling until they find the sources of each problem and systematically eliminate them one by one. Contact us for all your needs in Verdansk and ask about our Christmas party discounts.’

At the top of the page, it reads that the company’s been in business since 1988, the year the movie released. And at the bottom is a logo that reads ‘Say Yippee Ki Yay To Dust.’ Clicking on the ‘Schedule An Appointment’ button even lets you send an email to [email protected]

John McClane’s inclusion seems all but confirmed, but it’s not yet clear whether he and Rambo will become permanent playable inclusions or if they will only be available for a limited time, like how Fortnite distributes its crossover character skins.

Considering both these characters come from beloved 80s action movies and Warzone itself is now set in the same time period, it may be safe to assume that Activision has other similar characters planned for the game.

So, who else could make an appearance? Maverick from Top Gun? Snake Plissken from Escape From New York? B.A. Baracus from The A Team? Whatever the case, Activision clearly recognises the power of crossovers.

Warzone is no stranger to them though. Only last year, as part of it’s Halloween event, the game received skins based on Jigsaw from the Saw movies and Leatherface from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Call Of Duty: Warzone is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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